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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott, “I could play in a game right now”

Confidence has never wavered for Dallas’ QB1.

Dak Prescott rejects latest Cowboys offer; wants ‘more than’ $30 million per year Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Good news Cowboys fans: Dak Prescott is working his way back to full health, and is well on his way to emerging from the injury shelf “better and stronger than ever” by his own words.

There is no moment that can be comparably likened to #4’s shocking leg injury this past season. It was one that put a pause on the flow of time like nothing else could, and Dallas’ fanbase all shared a collective stoppage in breath, heartbeat and thought-processing as Prescott tumbled to the ground in one of the scariest occurrences the franchise has ever witnessed.

Some folks surely let the waterworks fly as the team’s beloved signal caller, with tears welling in his own eyes, hoisted an exultant fist in the air in signification of future reclamation as he was carted off of the field.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

But despite Dak’s confidence in his own ability to bounce back unscathed, questions and uncertainty from outside sources were immediately abundant following his setback. The questions came by the plenty. Did Prescott just ruin his chances of securing the big payday? Did his mobile lethality just become minimized? Will he ever be the same player again?

Well, one of those questions has been firmly answered by Jerry Jones & management, which indicates that the Cowboys have a tremendous amount of faith in the answers to the latter two inquiries as well.

So does Dak.

And while draft buzz has dominated most of the franchise’s news stream, the largest key in its winning cog has quietly been rehabbing himself back into full fruition. He’s more than confident that he can be the electric spark plug behind a power surge into postseason competition.

During media interviews earlier this week, Prescott told Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News that he felt “close” to returning to on-field endeavors.

“I can go play in a game right now, and in my head be very very successful. So there’s no doubt that when I need to be successful, when I need to do the things that it takes to be on the field, I’ll do exactly that, and the timing will be right.”

The once-marring setback looks to be transforming into a comeback for Sir Prescott. And this setback wasn't the minor kind, either. But if anyone has the moxie to turn heartbreak into triumph, it’s #4.

Dak — the floor (or should I say field) is yours.

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