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Micah Parsons has an idea for how the Dallas Cowboys plan to use him

Many will be counting on the Cowboys rookie linebacker.

2021 NFL Draft Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

It has now been over a week since the Dallas Cowboys drafted Micah Parsons in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft and in that time we have all been anxiously trying to figure out how the team is going to use him.

What makes the addition of Parsons so exciting is partly the drafting of fellow linebacker Jabril Cox in the fourth round, but to avoid burying the lede here, Parsons offers a lot in his own right.

Obviously the linebacker room is now a bit crowded thanks to the additions of Parsons and Cox as the Cowboys already had Leighton Vander Esch (they declined his fifth-year option) and Jaylon Smith to work with. It appears as if the sand in the hourglass is running out on them as the top tandem.

There has been some speculation about where the Cowboys could ultimately use Parsons so thankfully he let it be known what his understanding of the plan is!

Micah Parsons has an idea for how the Dallas Cowboys plan to use him

Dan Quinn now has some options at linebacker as mentioned, but it feels like Parsons has the most inside track of anyone at the linebacker position, especially with regards towards the long-term future. The fact that he is so versatile certainly encourages the imagination to run wild as to how exactly he will be utilized by Quinn in his defense.

Parsons appeared on The Ross Tucker Podcast to talk about being drafted, growing up in Harrisburg, PA, and a few other things. At one point he was asked what he understands his soon-to-be role in Dallas to be and he answered to the best of his knowledge.

“As of I know right now they’re going to start me off at like MIKE, WILL positions and work me in at those two positions. DQ’s going to try to run a base 3-4. I don’t know how everybody’s going to fit yet, but that’s kind of where they want me to work in and learn where to play right now. So that’s what I’m excited about. Using me on a lot of different blitzes, stunt schemes from the inside, interior pass rush because that’s what they saw on film. So it’s going to be exciting.”

Some people on the internet took Parsons’ comment about the Cowboys base defense to mean that the team is going to be running a base 3-4. While that is literally true, the context is very necessary and it should be said that Dan Quinn himself specified when he met with the media following the draft that while that is again literally true, the Cowboys will be in nickel with a four-man front more often than anything (he specified most NFL defenses are in it 60-70% of the time) so that is effectively their base. Semantics and what not.

Ultimately, though, this is all very good to hear is it not? As always, time will tell on how things work out, but this is a serious investment for the club and if they plan on capitalizing on Parsons’ strengths then they are going to have to have a solid plan in place to do so.

It appears as if that is the case.

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