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UPDATE: Veteran quarterback Jeff Driskel had “great” visit with Cowboys, but no deal at this time

There could be a new veteran quarterback around soon enough.

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We have updated this post with information that has been released after it was originally posted. The original version continues after the break.

It was reported on Friday that the Cowboys had a “great” visit with Driskel, but before the work day ended it was noted that they will not be doing a deal with him “at this time.”

It seems like this could be happening at some point, but that it isn’t happening before the weekend. We will have to see what ultimately ends up coming to pass between Driskel and the Cowboys.

The major points of the offseason acquisition period have come and gone now as both free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft are behind us. Of course there are still possible free agents to find, but the big juice has already left the building.

BTB’s own OCC wrote on Wednesday about whether or not the Cowboys would go bargain-bin hunting since we are now past the point where players signed factor into the future compensatory formula. We all know how much the Cowboys love their comp picks, and whether that is the reason or not, they have definitely been on the hunt as of late.

Many wondered whether or not the Cowboys would draft a quarterback this year given Mike McCarthy’s history with constantly having a project around to groom. Ben DiNucci was selected only last year so it was hard to imagine the team giving up on him, especially since he didn’t have a proper offseason or preseason to grow and develop, and low and behold the organization didn’t take one signal-caller.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t going to add one, though.

Veteran quarterback Jeff Driskel visited the Dallas Cowboys and is likely to sign with them soon

It has long made sense that veteran Garrett Gilbert will serve as Dak Prescott’s primary backup in 2021 given that Garrett looked rather serviceable in his lone start against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020. Apparently the Cowboys want some competition at that spot though as recently visited with veteran Jeff Driskel.

You will recall that Driskel started for the Detroit Lions when the Dallas Cowboys visited them in 2019. That game looked like when Dallas might be getting things back on track that season, but we all know how that campaign ultimately ended.

There is no doubt that Driskel has more experience starting in the NFL than any of the other Cowboys other backup options do and maybe that is what Mike McCarthy is coveting. Perhaps the Cowboys brass is after someone of Driskel’s athleticism, it will be interesting to see how they place him on the depth chart.

How do you feel about this? Do you have more confidence in Jeff Driskel than Garrett Gilbert?

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