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Julio Jones leaving the NFC would make the 2021 Dallas Cowboys schedule look better

The Cowboys may have one fewer headache on their 2021 schedule.

Dallas Cowboys v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If you take a look at the calendar today you will now notice that we are in the month of June which is notable for a few reasons in the National Football League. For starters, we are in the last calendar month before training camp begins. In late July the Dallas Cowboys will very likely (things aren’t 100% official yet) be training in the optimum environment that is Oxnard, California, putting all of the plans and preparations for the 2021 season into place.

The Cowboys obviously hope to have success this coming season which brings to the other reason that June beginning is important. Being specific, today is June 1st which is an important day for NFL salary cap-related issues as teams can designate moves of the post-June 1st variety and establish much-needed salary cap space this season.

One team who could be looking to establish some salary cap space in the coming days is the Atlanta Falcons by way of a Julio Jones trade. There have been many reports about the star wide receiver being on the move, we know he isn’t headed to Dallas at least, and the time now makes sense for a move to happen.

That could work out wonderfully for the Cowboys this season.

Julio Jones leaving the NFC would make the 2021 Dallas Cowboys schedule look all the more friendly

At this point there are a number of teams that have been connected to Julio Jones and all would seemingly shake up the status of their own division/conference. While there could obviously be a surprise destination that Jones soon calls home, the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, Baltimore Ravens, and Las Vegas Raiders have all been names reported in difference capacities over the last week.

While the Cowboys play the Raiders in 2021 (and only them) of the teams we just listed, the team that is the reported to be the favorite to land Jones is one absent from Dallas’ schedule this season, the Tennessee Titans. This is very good news for the Cowboys.

Ultimately the Cowboys are going to have to win and lose games themselves, but Jones defecting to another team, specifically one in the opposing conference, is great news for them and their odds of advancing far on their side of the playoffs equation. Jones ending up in Tennessee, as an example, is a great overall net gain for the Cowboys because not only would he be ending up on a team that they don’t play in 2021, but he is currently on one that they do face off against in the Atlanta Falcons.

Consider the top opposing pass-catchers that the Cowboys are going to face this season that our own Terence Watson outlined just a few days ago. Removing Jones from the Falcons’ arsenal could be the difference between Dallas winning and losing that game, and we all know how often the season comes down to one win or loss for them.

A few weeks ago we spoke about quarterback rankings and how interesting it was to look at the Cowboys’ schedule by the ones that they are playing this season. Falcons QB Matt Ryan was ranked ninth by the outlet we went off of (PFF) and removing his top weapon would make things all the more challenging for him against a defense that wasn’t exactly super strong last year (obviously we are hoping for improvement).

Go to Tennessee, Julio. Go anywhere. Just leave all Cowboys’ opponents this season, please.

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