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Dallas Cowboys LT Tyron Smith gave us an idea at how much longer he wants to play football

The Cowboys star left tackle discussed his future.

As football fans we are constantly thinking of a number of different variables when it comes to our favorite football team. In the case of the Dallas Cowboys, while we are excited to enjoy the moment that is the 2021 season (which will hopefully be better than 2020, although the bar isn’t exactly high), the future is always looming. What lies ahead includes a lot of doubt, mostly as it pertains to players on the roster and when they will no longer be part of the club.

One of the players who’s future absence will be difficult to replace is undoubtedly left tackle Tyron Smith. In what has felt like a couple of blinks, it has now been a decade since Smith heard his name called by America’s Team at the young age of 20 years old. While he is still incredibly youthful with regards to normal lives, the wear and tear of his career is concerning.

Tyron Smith gave us an idea at how much longer he wants to play football

We must keep in mind that we are in the month of June which means that a lot of tropes are flying around in NFL circles. This is the time of year where players are in the best shape that they ever have been, the playbook is far better to understand than in any time before, you get the picture.

As true as that is, what people say is also notable. What’s more is that things said by people who generally don’t speak much is meaningful, and such is the case with Tyron Smith. On Tuesday he noted that he plans to play four to five more years or “until the wheels fall off”.

Playing four to five more seasons would take Smith to his mid-30s and it certainly isn’t unheard of for tackles to play to that age in the NFL. Again, though, it must be considered/remembered that Smith is not your normal NFL tackle as he - at the age of 30 - has already logged 133 NFL starts, and that is with him missing 14 games last season.

Truth be told the year “off” for Smith may be what allows him to play a bit longer than many might have thought at this time a year ago. He has spoken about how he feels good and how he got his issue fixed “after all these years” which suggests that things are now back to as good as they can be.

Perhaps these are the bright and sunshine-y vibes of June, but this is all very encouraging with regards to Smith’s potential status for the next handful of years. The Cowboys must seemingly buy into this idea considering that they prioritized drafting Micah Parsons (twice considering they even traded down to do it) with Rashawn Slater sitting on the board in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Do you buy that Tyron Smith could play four to five more years, or are you scared to let yourself believe it? We discussed the idea and all of the other news to pop up throughout minicamp in the latest video on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe (which you can do so right here) so you don’t miss any of the videos that we put out!

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