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The Cowboys will be one of the premier teams to play with in Madden 2022

The Cowboys were at least good in the virtual realm last year. Their Madden version will be virtuoso again this year.

2014 Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan Fest Photo by: Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

It’s about that time of the year again, folks.

Football junkies and gaming-gurus were blessed with a welcome sneak-peek into the latest edition of a video game series that’s immortalized itself into the hearts and homes of countless NFL fans worldwide. Madden 2022’s cover graced mainstream airwaves this week, and it featured two ballers who need no introduction - Patrick Mahomes II, and sir goat himself, Tom Brady.

The cover release provided an anticipatory peek at the release of EA Sports’ flagship franchise, which carries an extra dab of lore given the star-power that graces its surface. EA is expected to infuse the game with a hearty enchilada of in-play tweaks and interactive modes, and all inklings foreshadow an exceptional iteration of simulation football.

And that should be especially true if you’re going to be using Dallas as your user-controlled team. Fans of the ‘Boys suffered mightily last season as their beloved squad spiraled out of control in what has to be one of the poorer collective displays the franchise has put out in quite some time. But for all that reality shortchanged Cowboys supporters in the joy department, the virtual version of the team wholly sufficed for.

Tech-heads had an absolute field day with Dallas as they personally guided their teams to paydirt on the Madden playing field. And rightfully so — the ‘Boys fielded one of the best collections of playmaking talent the game had to offer. The Cowboys were the fifth-best unit in football according to Madden’s in-depth ratings system (behind New Orleans, San Francisco, Kansas City and Baltimore), sporting overalls of 87 on offense and 82 on defense, good for an 86 cumulative total.

Granted, that metric did not factor in injuries, which Dallas was severely hampered by throughout the course of the season. And while on-paper measurements didn’t translate to the actual campaign, the squad was an absolute offensive juggernaut by gaming standards.

It only projects to get better in 2022.

Dallas’ top-five players in Madden 21 are listed as follows:

Zack Martin - 98
Amari Cooper - 93
Ezekiel Elliott - 92
Tyron Smith - 91
Demarcus Lawrence - 89

Each of these stalwarts will be back on the roster this year, and while some of these men are likely to experience drops in statistics, young guns like Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons will only tick upwards.

Expect Dallas to be near the top of the totem pole once again this year.

So, all my BTB gamers: how do you think the ‘Boys will fare in the game?

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