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NFL approves alternate helmets for 2022 meaning Dallas Cowboys can wear throwback uniforms

It’s happening, but not for a year.

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

For some time this offseason there have been a number of rumors floating around that the NFL could be doing away with one particular rule - the one-helmet rule. This rule is what it sounds like. It restricts teams from wearing more than one helmet in a given season which means that clubs have to wear uniforms that match it throughout the year. Obviously every team has a home and away uniform in combination with some alternatives like a throwback or a color rush, but some alternate uniforms require a different helmet and have therefore not been seen in some time.

This is the case with the Dallas Cowboys and their throwbacks. When Dallas goes old school (generally on Thanksgiving Day) they wear their throwback uniforms that are accompanied by their white helmet. This combination has not been seen since Thanksgiving 2012, a day we would all like to forget.

It appears as if the future could include some white helmets for Dallas, silver helmets for the Seattle Seahawks, kelly green for the Philadelphia Eagles, and many other things. The NFL is officially doing away with the one-helmet rule beginning in 2022.

If the Dallas Cowboys or anybody else do intend on wearing throwback uniforms in 2022 then they will have to declare their intent to do so by July 31st of this year, so the Cowboys better get on it.

The Cowboys do still have their home uniform, away get-up, color rush combination, and the design that Dez Bryant came up with himself back in 2017 (the team’s navy jersey with the white color rush pants) to work off of in 2021. Adding the ability for a throwback uniform (or something else if the club felt so inclined) would be yet another thing for the Cowboys to potentially work with and of course market around.

It is almost time for throwbacks once more.

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