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DeMarcus Ware sees Micah Parsons as a blend of Bradie James, Zach Thomas, and Sean Lee

D-Ware has some thoughts on the current Cowboys.

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You have heard the joke before. It isn’t very clever, but somehow every Cowboys fan has a friend or family member that thinks they invented it. After the good guys in silver and blue allow a lot of points and/or yardage in a game people tend to say, “They call it ‘allas’ because there’s no ‘D’ there!”.

Defensively the Cowboys were a disaster last year. As a result of the team’s inefficiency on that side of the ball the organization threw a number of resources at it over the course of the offseason.

There is a contingent of fans who believe the Cowboys are on the right track now (at least that is the hope), but what does someone who has played defense at the highest level in the NFL think of what America’s Team did? What about someone who did all of that dominating on defense for America’s Team?

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with future Pro Football Hall of Famer DeMarcus Ware on Monday thanks to Sleep Number, and got to poke his brain about the current status of the Cowboys. You can watch our interview with him below.

Notable things discussed:

  • Ware’s thoughts on Micah Parsons
  • Who he would liken Parsons to in terms of players that he played with
  • How he thinks the change to Dan Quinn as defensive coordinator will allow the team to prosper
  • Tyron Smith and how confident he is that he can play this season, especially since he had the same procedure that Smith did

We are very appreciative to DeMarcus Ware for taking the time to join us to talk about Sleep Number and a variety of things related to the Cowboys.

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