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Cowboys OC Kellen Moore on Dak Prescott’s recovery: “Really, we’re playing ball now”

The Cowboys offensive guru thinks his quarterback is just fine.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When Dak Prescott injured his ankle in the fifth game of the 2020 season, it was no ordinary injury. Prescott’s whole foot was turned at different angle than his leg, and viewers at home could see right away that this was going to be trouble. Prescott himself stated that he really didn’t realize it right away, almost being in a state of shock. But the reality soon set in and a long, arduous rehab awaited the Cowboys signal-caller.

Prescott never doubted his return and repeatedly said his faith helped him get through the process of getting back on the field. There were certain milestones along he way but none was greater than getting back on the field in a regular Cowboys practice. That occurred during the first OTA session for the Cowboys, and now that Prescott has completed the 2021 OTAs, others are seeing that he is back.

Take Kellen Moore, who has a vested interest in having Prescott back under center. Moore did a good job of working with four different quarterbacks in 2020, but when he has Prescott at full health, the Cowboys offense is elite. He now thinks Prescott is back.

“Really, we’re playing ball now,” offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said Friday. “You can ask Dak. He’s ready to just go play football. Obviously, if they need to limit him in any regard, they do. But we’re playing football. We’re playing football like Dak’s always played football.”

Moore’s words echo what Mike McCarthy had to say about Dak’s return, and the last line “we’re playing football like Dak’s always played football” sounds like what Dalton Schultz had to say after catching passes from Prescott.

“The ball’s coming out the same as was before the injury,” tight end Dalton Schultz said. “From what I can tell, it looks like right where he picked back up off of. All looks the same to me. The ball is in my hands the same exact way. So I’m excited to see how he continues to progress.”

We’re a long way from the point directly after the injury when there was speculation the injury could have been career-threatening. There was also the moment in December when it was reported Prescott had a second surgery that also got tongues wagging about his future.

All of that is a distant memory now as Prescott seems to be practicing just like any other player, although the Cowboys are being a little cautious with him and he hasn’t taken any hits yet. That’s the final milestone to a full recovery.

Still, it sounds like offensive coordinator Moore is more than happy about Prescott’s progress.

“I never really got into the expectations aspect of it,” Moore said. “Obviously, a lot of us have all been through injuries like that, and guys are on different timelines. Dak’s been working his tail off. He’s done a great job. He’s certainly done a lot out there in OTAs, so we’re in a really good place with him. I think he feels really good. Obviously, the process is what it is, and it takes some time.”

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