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What Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy had to say about the possibility of signing Richard Sherman

The Cowboys could still use a talented veteran at cornerback.

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We are about six weeks or so away from training camp beginning for the Dallas Cowboys. and when it starts there will be a lot of competition going on at various positions. One of the spots that will be interesting to pay attention to is cornerback. Dallas drafted Kelvin Joseph and Nahshon Wright a few months ago and is returning Trevon Diggs at the top of the group, along with notable veterans Anthony Brown and Jourdan Lewis, but things are still somewhat wide open there and arguably more open than anywhere else competition-wise.

Stephen Jones loves to talk about how roster-building is something that the Cowboys are paying attention to every day all throughout the year, and now that we are long past the point where players signed will impact future compensatory pick situations, it wouldn’t be a shocker to see Dallas bring in somebody that they like. It makes sense that corner could be a spot where this happens, and if they are going to do it then someone who knows their new defensive coordinator would make sense, wouldn’t it?

Could Richard Sherman be a training camp addition for the Dallas Cowboys?

In talking about potential veterans that the Cowboys could pursue at corner, there is one name that always surfaces, and that’s Richard Sherman.

Sherman is one of the best corners of this generation although his peak days are obviously in the rearview mirror. Still, though, there is no question that he could provide a viable veteran presence as someone who has played at an elite level, kind of like Charles Woodson did for Mike McCarthy’s Green Bay Packers, all while also contributing on the field.

There is also the obvious connection that Sherman has to defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as the greatest days of his career came when Quinn was overseeing the Seattle Seahawks defense. If there is a reunion that is going to take place it would obviously have to pass the approval of head coach Mike McCarthy who was actually asked specifically about the idea of Sherman during an appearance on Cris Collinsworth’s podcast.

How do you feel about the back end of this defense? And is there still a possibility of my guy Richard Sherman who does this podcast with me, he’s, some guys like that are still out there, are you still in the market a little bit?

“Well the one thing we talk about all the time, we’re always looking. We’re always looking to upgrade and to add. There’s no question there. But also the salary cap what’s in front of us too is something that we’re very focused on, too. And I think that’s why you saw, 11 draft picks was by design. And to be able to select, we had 10 going in, but to be able to have 11 selections this year was very important just in the big picture in the long-term planning for our roster development. So yea we’re always looking, but I definitely love the competition that we have in the back end. It’ll be fun to see how this all sorts out.”

The podcast is actually one that Collinsworth hosts with Richard Sherman who was absent for this particular conversation with McCarthy. It is worth mentioning that Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden flew all too close to the tampering sun after joining Collinsworth and Sherman on the show as he sort of openly courted the veteran cornerback to join his team.

It is likely that Collinsworth and McCarthy were both extremely careful so as to not have anything like this happen to the Cowboys head coach, but it doesn’t seem like McCarthy is opposed to the idea of Sherman. If the Cowboys were to add the veteran, when would it happen?

Considering where we are in the NFL calendar, it seems that Richard Sherman’s best bet for this coming season might be to wait until training camp. It makes a lot sense that that could be when he finds a new home. From SNY talking about the New York Jets’ situation at corner:

Most of the offseason speculation has surrounded veteran Richard Sherman, who loves Saleh. But at this stage of his career, many around the NFL believe Sherman is much more likely to wait out training camp and hope to sign on to a contender. A better bet for the Jets might be the return of slot cornerback Brian Poole, if and when he’s fully healthy from the shoulder and knee injuries he suffered last year

Obviously the Jets have another familiar face for Sherman as his most recent defensive coordinator, Robert Saleh, is now the head coach for the New York Jets. Perhaps that is where he ends up or perhaps it is with Quinn in Dallas. We will simply have to wait and see.


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