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Cowboys will suffer from Hard Knocks expectations says a former GM

Just how well will the Cowboys deal with the invasion of Hard Knocks?

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Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys’ inclusion in HBO’s Hard Knocks series will reap several benefits for the franchise. Certain unheralded players looking to break out into primetime spotlights will get their chance to do so, while the starlet names so many fans know and love will be able to solidify their deservedness for recognition as film crews dawn upon the Star. And then, of course, there’s the good ol’ Benjamins, dollars which Jerry Jones & Company will be netting with even more publicity for his franchise.

It’s all going to be fun under the sun, at least, on television, that is.

While the glitz, glam and spectacles of HBO’s flagship reality show will bring the spotlight, no amount of Hollywood makeup or dressing can deter from the actual reality of it all: the Cowboys will still have to figure out ways to go out and win games once the cameras are off. And being the featured team in a weekly episodic television special does nothing to help the events that play out on the field.

In fact: some in the football world believe that the additional attention will do more harm than anything.

In a recent article posted to the Athletic, Michael Lombardi hypothesized that the show would do nothing for the Cowboys in the assistance department, except add unneeded pressures under the microscope of the lights. According to Lombardi, this spells trouble for both player and team development as they lose the secrecy of their inside operations.

“Opponents will now be able to watch the rehab of Prescott, evaluate the new defensive schemes and get a slight feel for how head coach Mike McCarthy is pulling it all together,” he wrote.

He placed a special emphasis on McCarthy’s endeavors as he continued:

“Hard Knocks” allows fans to examine the coaches, the organization, and the staff, which is fun for the viewer and can be hazardous for those involved. Just ask former NFL head coaches Hue Jackson, Dave Campo, Herm Edwards, Joe Philbin, or Jeff Fisher, who played prominent roles on “Hard Knocks” and left their fans feeling as though their head coach was not as good as they thought.

Well, coach McCarthy already proved that sentiment to be true with his turbulent performance last year, and he needs no further evidential material to reveal any illegitimacies in his ability.

But hey, that’s what the “hard knock” life is all about. Those whom are a part of it have no choice but to embrace the attention, no matter what that reveals about them.

So, how do you think Hard Knocks will affect the ‘Boys this year?

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