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The Cowboys need new kick returners in 2021 to protect some valuable players

The Cowboys need to find themselves new return men to protect these two players.

NFL: DEC 20 49ers at Cowboys Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys, for all of their problems in 2020 with injuries, a susceptible defensive unit, and an offensive unit that struggled with backups at key position, had a very good special teams return team on kickoffs. Running back Tony Pollard handled the majority of the team’s kickoff returns. The punt return team was more middle-of-the-road with rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb handling the punt returns at times.

In 2020 according to TheFootballDatabase, the Cowboys kick return unit averaged 26.8 yards per return and racked up 965 total return yards with one touchdown. That along with the average yardage per game of 60.3 put them in the top of the league in terms of production.

And while the stats aren’t as favorable to the Cowboys when it comes to the punt returns, you can attribute some that to the porous defense that wasn’t able to get as many stops in favorable field positions. Even so the punt return unit averaged 9.1 yards per return and a total of 265 return yards with an average per game of 16.6 yards. Not the best but still good enough to be middle of the pack.

The problem for the Cowboys in 2021 is that they are going to be looking for more out of Pollard and Lamb on the offensive side of the football. and in doing so will need to find two other return men to take over for them so they aren’t injured. The question now for the Cowboys becomes who do they use to take over these somewhat overlooked but very important positions?

The Cowboys have used wide receiver Cedrick Wilson and running back Rico Dowdle at points last season so those two may be the first ones to get a shot at taking over the roles with this team. They will most assuredly be battling some rookies in camp who are looking to make the team on special teams. It’s going to be interesting to see who wins these battles because right now it’s up for grabs.

The Cowboys can’t afford to put Pollard and Lamb out there and risk injury. We can only hope that they are able to find players who can give them the same type of production that Pollard and Lamb were able to give this team, and give this explosive offense less field to cover to score touchdowns.

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