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Three out of four Dallas Cowboys preseason games will be on national television

Preseason football is only a few weeks away.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We are just a couple of weeks away from seeing the Dallas Cowboys play a football game, and while it will only be the preseason, it will be quite welcome after wandering through the entire offseason. The NFL shortened the preseason to three games from four beginning with this year, but since the Cowboys are playing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game they will still be playing four exhibition contests.

The preseason can be a tough period for fans who live outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth market as they are sometimes difficult to find on television. Thankfully it was announced on Monday that NFL Network will be carrying 23 live preseason games including two that involve the Cowboys.

This news means that 75% of Dallas’ preseason games will be able to be seen on national television.

The only preseason game featuring the Cowboys that will not be on national television is the Week 2 contest at home against the Houston Texans. We will of course keep you updated here at BTB if you are unable to watch, though.

Traditionally the third week of the preseason has been the one that featured the most play from starters. It will be interesting to see which game coaches decide to invest the most in and obviously that will be a different factor for Dallas and Pittsburgh playing in the HOF game.

Remember also that there is now a bye week following the final preseason game (Jacksonville for the Cowboys). We will of course get to watch all of this on a deeper level for Dallas as they will be chronicled on this season of Hard Knocks.

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