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Join Blogging The Boys for a Training Camp Preview discussion!

Let’s chat about camp.

Dallas Cowboys training camp is just about here and that is very exciting. We have all been looking forward to this day for a long time now. It marks the beginning of a new season with new avenues of hope, and ideally new potentials for joy and celebration.

Over this offseason we have devoted a lot of time and energy to growing the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel and recently passed 10,000 subscribers over there. Part of what we did that many people enjoyed was our livestreams.

This season we will be having a livestream on the channel (for the most part) every Tuesday evening. To celebrate camp starting we are launching one right now which you can re-watch if you got here late. It features Tom Ryle, Dave Sturchio, and myself.

Remember to subscribe to the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel (which you can do right here) so that you don’t miss any of our streams or shows. We will be offering a lot over there throughout the season including highlight collections from every game as well as conversations with people who cover the opposing team every week.

We will also podcast a lot of these conversations so we also ask that you subscribe to the Blogging The Boys podcast network. Apple users can subscribe right here and those who are on Spotify can subscribe right here.

Football season is here. At long last.

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