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Recap of Cowboys training camp practice #3 in Oxnard (tweets + videos)

The work continues.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
A Doug Nussmeier sighting!
Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

Day 3 of the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp in Oxnard is now in the books. Here are the highlights of what was seen.

This was the first “rest” day for a player, but it is just the start.

Hopeful sign for a player who really needs to get out there?

He does seem to be getting closer, while it does not look like DeMarcus Lawrence has long to go.

Dr. FrankenQuinn continues his work on the monster.

Some unexpected signing news broke right in the middle of things. And before you wail and moan, this in no way stops them from also signing Malik Hooker later if they choose. It just costs someone else a roster spot.

Things seemed a little slow for the first half hour of practice, but that didn’t mean stuff wasn’t getting done.

The somewhat deliberate start to practice could well be an indication that the staff is not wanting to rush the players too hard at the beginning of camp. Lots of formerly injured players to take care with.

Getting ready for some picks (we hope).

More drills.

Led CeeDee just a little too much.

More CeeDee goodness.

Getting sooooo close.

Nice old school reference.

*eyes emoji

No lies here.

Lineup notes are always worth, um, noting.

This is a bit concerning. Can lead to those bad “i” things.

The fun stuff is finally going on.


More route running delight.

Just let this one go straight into your veins.

Give us speed!

Some quick hits as the pace steps up.

And now it’s done.

It was another day when the positives seemed to greatly outweigh the negatives. And no reported injuries is always a good thing.

It’s a day off tomorrow, then back to the field on Tuesday.

We recapped all of the action from Sunday’s training camp practice, including highlights, in the latest video on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel. Make sure to subscribe to our channel (which you can do so right here) so you don’t miss anything that we put out over there!

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