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Kellen Moore says CeeDee Lamb will play all over the field in 2021

#88 may start showing shades of the Cowboys who donned those digits before him as he gets more opportunities on the outside.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

CeeDee Lamb is back to his usual habits which includes wowing spectators with incredible grabs, and regularly making himself as large and clear a target for his quarterback to throw balls to as possible.

He already established himself as one of the premier receiving threats in the game in year one, and his coaches have been wholly impressed with the feats he’s accomplishing thus far as he preps for year two in training camp.

Lamb’s talent is plentiful, and it’s easy to see how naturally certain tools come to him that take years for some to master on the pro level, like deft route-running and separation-creation.

His name is consistently mentioned among the best up-and-comers as far as receivers are concerned, but Lamb has his sights set on something more: to be the league’s best WR, period. He’s going to get more opportunities to ascend to that top rung this season.

“He’s going to play all over the field,” offensive coordinator Kellen Moore said Friday.

“He’ll line up everywhere across the field and we’re going to have fun doing it.”

Lamb is undoubtedly going to receive passes with more abundance as the ‘Boys WR1 Amari Cooper nurses his way back to full strength from an ankle ailment, but Moore was clear to point out that Lamb’s trajectory would be uninterrupted no matter what Cooper’s bill of health was.

That just speaks to the talent that Lamb possesses. Now, with a full season under his belt, and his first pro offseason complete with expert meal plans, strength and conditioning programs and sleep itineraries adding to his progression, Lamb’s ready to make a tremendous leap into a sophomore spectacle.

“Last year I kind of limited myself as far as just playing in the slot. But now, just looking at the big picture, it makes me play a lot faster and understand concepts a lot easier,” Lamb stated.

Not mention, his mind is also stronger, more attuned to the thinking aspect of the game.

“I’d say Year 2 is definitely going to be a lot better as far as the mental part, just getting faster than Year 1.”

As the old sports adage goes, athletic success in 90% mental, and just 10% physical.

And if Lamb continues to excel in the former, the latter will inevitably take care of itself.

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