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Recap of Dallas Cowboys training camp practice #6 in Oxnard (tweets + videos)

It was day 2 sans Dak, so lots to consider.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Watching the QB2 battle.
Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

There were lots of things to watch in the sixth practice of the Dallas Cowboys’ training camp. One of the most obvious was whether the backup quarterbacks could have a better day than their inept showing on Wednesday with Dak Prescott giving his shoulder a rest. But that was far from the only thing.

Is this a sign of problems for the season? Or is it just taking extra care with the key cogs to the machine? Only time will tell. If this is an honest appraisal of the issue (which can be questionable with Dallas) it does not seem like something that would keep Smith out of a regular season game.

This does lend some credence to the report that Dak’s issue is indeed transient.

For those who want the important details, the centers in order are Tyler Biadasz, Connor Williams, Matt Farniok, and Braylon Jones.

Don’t forget to wish QB1 a happy birthday!

There are other positive things on the injury front.

Drills ‘n stuff.

Oh, yes, please.


Neal with a good rep.

DT is going to be better this year, I’m telling you.

They’re feeling good, too.

Hunter punter sighting!

You obligatory daily dose of Randy, and Dan Quinn coaching ‘em up.

More little (hopefully) complaints.


Anybody got Blake Bortle’s number?

That’s a strong safety.

Still lemons involved in making this lemonade.

Soooo close.

Zeke getting some work.

Or maybe it’s because QB1 is missing.

A GOOD THROW! (Plus there’s that man again.)

More defense.

Someone is not giving up his spot without a fight.

Here’s a down roster WR to keep your eye on.


Despite the obvious limitations, it was an up day for the offense and Garrett Gilbert.

That is my last tweet recap for a while, because if nothing goes unexpectedly wrong, I will be in attendance in person on Saturday in Oxnard. I’ll cover three practices. I plan to bring you multiple reports, and maybe my own tweets will show up in these collections. Let’s go!

We discussed Thursday’s practice in length on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel, with highlights included. Make sure to subscribe to our channel (which you can do right here) so you don’t miss any of the videos that we put out!

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