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The Dallas Cowboys once again have a handful of players leading the way on NFL-sold products

The Cowboys’ brand remains strong.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, the Dallas Cowboys are America’s Team. This is a notion that many have tried to challenge over the years to a degree, and they always fail. When it comes to on-the-field results, the Cowboys have been one of the more mediocre teams in the NFL over the last quarter century, but off of the field they remain kings.

We re-learn this lesson every year when Dallas is the team at the center of the league’s most-watched games, generates the highest ratings, so on and so forth. The Cowboys hold a lot of value which means that playing for them nets value, and that is the case again for a handful of players.

On Thursday the top 50 player sales for officially-licensed league product from March through May was released and as you might guess, the Dallas Cowboys are the most popular team near the top of the list.

The period in question also cover the time in which players were taken in the 2021 NFL Draft which is why Micah Parsons is part of the list. Generally speaking lists curated from this time period tend to have the most recent draft’s top picks near the top, but as you can see the top three players are all veterans. Three of the top seven players are veterans, and they are Dallas Cowboys.

Ultimately this is a meaningless thing when it comes to success for the team on the field. These players are all highly regarded which is why people are buying their products. Hopefully they start to have the same sort of success on the field together for the good of the team.

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