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Hard Knocks gives fans inside access to Dak Prescott, the competitor

If we learned one thing from episode one of Hard Knocks, it’s that Dak really doesn’t like missing a rep.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

Episode one of HBO’s Hard Knocks is in the books and there were many viral moments, and a ton of worthy storylines to digest and take in. Getting a sneak peak into the day-to-day life of a hungry Micah Parsons as he embarks on his first NFL action was a great look into the mind of a young rookie looking to leave his mark. The ‘mojo’ coach Mike McCarthy is looking for in the team was examined as he laid out exactly what his expectations are and the standards needed to win a Lombardi Trophy. You also can’t forget about the anatomy of a certain male procedure from coach John ‘Bones’ Fassel.

As the show continues and the storylines evolve and grow with the season, no story arc will be more important than the inside look we all are getting into the mind of Dak Prescott. Episode one right out of the gate touched on the trials and tribulations Dak has gone through in his life, on and off the field. From discussing the passing of his brother, to the outlining of what he went through with his injury, they were able to highlight just what he has been through over the last year plus in his personal life, and how much of an impact he felt from losing a season in his football life.

We were also given the opportunity to see a side of Dak that many outside of the team and organization would otherwise never see. It’s known that Dak is a great competitor and is a man who prides himself on his preparation. What caught many by surprise was just how resistant he is to being off the field and being away from the game he loves. Coach McCarthy and staff found themselves on more than a few occasions trying to protect Dak from himself as they were trying to keep him from worsening his shoulder injury.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

As we know, Hard Knocks is a week or so behind current day and Prescott’s injury seems to be processing positively, however it was interesting to get a look into Dak’s displeasure throughout the early stages of the injury as it was written all over his face. Dak was also not shy about voicing that sentiment as well. Many times throughout the episode the cameras were able to capture the visible frustration Dak had for being held back, and in a few occasions expressed that feeling with explicit language. This season would seem to be a pivotal one for Prescott, as he looks to put his past injury behind him and propel his overall play, and the team as a whole, to new heights. Prescott is squarely focused on putting the past behind him and appears to be a man ultra focused when it’s time to lock in.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Seeing Prescott’s passion and the ‘pissed off for excellence’ attitude he carries himself with, was refreshing and encouraging at the same time. Having your QB1 and star of the franchise demand, fight, and combat authority for opportunities to get better can only be viewed as a positive. Anybody on a team that is content or comfortable after the year that was just had has a losing mentality. It seems to be that Dak has a bad taste in his mouth from the last season and you can see him morphing into the type of attitude and mindset that is often adopted by the greats.

Bobby Belt hit the nail on the head. The confidence they show, the belief they have, and the vision for the future they possess are the only way people like that get to the levels they have reached. Are we watching Dak Prescott’s transformation right before our eyes on national television or has this how he’s always been? It’s probably the the latter.

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