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[UPDATE] Cowboys defensive tackle Neville Gallimore suffers injury in Cards game

It didn’t look good for the Cowboys interior defensive lineman.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


All any team wants to do it in a preseason game is come out of it without a major injury. The Dallas Cowboys may not have accomplished that in their game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cowboys decided to play some of their starters in their game with defensive tackle Neville Gallimore among those playing. Gallimore has had a strong camp to go with a strong finish to the 2020 season, putting him in prime position to be a starter on defense.

Unfortunately, he had to leave the Cardinals game early with what looked like an elbow injury. It’s irresponsible to speculate too much on his injury, but he was in a great deal of pain as it looked like his elbow was bent back in the wrong direction.

The Cowboys spent a lot of resources to fix their defensive tackle issues from last season, but Gallimore was a holdover who was expected to be a key piece of the rotation. Hopefully he will be able to shake this off and return quickly.

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