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Cowboys safety Donovan Wilson’s specific reason behind his number change

Wilson will now be wearing number 6 instead of 37 this year.

NFL: DEC 20 49ers at Cowboys Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

If you’ve ever heard Donovan Wilson speak, you can gather with near immediacy that there’s a certain hunger that lies behind his words. And if you’ve ever watched him play, it’s not hard to tell that a similar drive motivates the why behind his try.

Wilson may not have the most speed, the quickest agility burst, or the best coverage skills, but one tool he’s never lacked during his NFL tenure is obvious: hustle. He’s a visible man on a mission while on the gridiron, possessing an insatiable appetite to minimize opponent yardage gains, and perhaps saw a head or two off in the process.

His mission from a team’s standpoint: collect as many W’s as possible to substantiate their record for a playoff push. His personal vendetta: prove all those whom had doubted him during his draft year to be indubitably wrong.

Wilson entered the 2019 draft after a successful four-year tenure at Texas A&M University, where he transitioned between stints at nickel defensive back, and safety. Despite suffering a season-ending ankle ailment during his senior campaign, Wilson still held high hopes for the combine/scouting process given his impressive stat-line, and commendable film tape while in school. But like faulty skates on ice, Wilson continued to slip in the draft as he watched peer after peer receive the call of their life before him. He too would eventually be graced with an ever-desired selection by an NFL franchise, but Wilson’s moment of actualization didn’t come until the sixth round (pick 213).

That number (6) has stuck with Wilson since then. He wore the number 37 through the first two years of his time with the ‘Boys, but this season, six will be his numerical calling card.

“I liked it because it was my college number but I also went six rounds. So, it was just a little edge for me. Saying there are that many more people better than me just to push me farther.”

Six was also the digit that donned Wilson’s A&M jersey during his college days. But this is the pros now, and his collegiate career is now dead and moot in terms of relevancy to his NFL escapades.

When he thinks of the number now, the amount of doubters, naysayers and non-believers who passed over him will now lie at the forefront of his mind. Using negativity as motivation is a pretty good way to elicit spirited football. And Wilson’s cup certainly runs over in that department.

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