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Assessing Dak Prescott’s throwing mechanics as he makes his way back from injury

Taking a look under the hood at QB1 for the Cowboys.

It has been just about one month since we last saw Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott operate at full capacity. In the time since there have been a lot of reports and speculation about his injury, but ultimately it seems like Prescott is on track to play Week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

One thing that we have seen recently has been the quarterback throwing before each of the last two preseason games. While there have been plenty of theories about Prescott’s health (like that his lat strain resulted from his ankle injury, a theory that has been reported to not be true).

None of that is going to stop people from wondering, though. After very limited footage of Dak Prescott throwing was seen some people around the internet began to openly wonder whether or not his throwing motion was different resulting in the strain, or as a result of the strain.

Mark Schofield from Touchdown Wire is a keen observer of quarterback play, mechanics, and everything under that overall umbrella. He was kind enough to take some time to join us on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel (click here to subscribe) to go through Dak Prescott’s current mechanics to see what if anything is different and why it could be.

We looked at a few different examples of Dak’s throwing motion from 2018 all the way through this past Saturday night. Schofield noted that there are definitely noticeable things that Prescott has improved upon in general since then, but did highlight some physical areas where overcompensation can happen.

Until Dak is fully back in terms of starting people are going to wonder about his physical status. This was a great peak at what goes into the process of his mechanical makeup.

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