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Here is what to expect from the Blogging The Boys podcast network and YouTube Channel this season

We have a lot of fun things planned in the BTB universe.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings one and all, and welcome to another Dallas Cowboys football season.

If you are new to Blogging The Boys we want to specifically welcome you to the greatest Dallas Cowboys place that there is on the internet. I first came to know BTB back when I was still in high school and take it very seriously to help create all of the content that we put out in the name of talking about our favorite sports team.

That is why I wanted to share with you all a little bit about our podcast network and YouTube Channel here at BTB. Obviously the site is what we all know it to be and will continue to grow and flourish throughout the season, but we have really amped up our podcast production over the last couple of years and this offseason we put a lot of emphasis on our YouTube Channel.

We realize that some people only prefer certain things. There are those who only like to read articles and comment on the blog, but we want to offer different things for those who like other platforms, too.

As a new Cowboys season is beginning I wanted to make sure that everybody understood what we offer on our podcast network and YouTube Channel. Here we go.

The Blogging The Boys Podcast Network

We take talking about the Dallas Cowboys very seriously and want to offer a variety of things which is why we have assembled the BTB podcast network in a certain way.

Every week day you can expect two different shows on the network. They are all a bit unique and offer a variety of things, allow me to explain the differences and distinctions.

Monday through Friday: The Ocho with RJ Ochoa

Every week night at 12am ET we drop a new a new episode of The Ocho. This is an eight-or-less-minute-sized episode (a play on my last name obviously, super creative stuff happening here) designed to catch you up on the the most pressing news and storylines. You can consider it an audio version of the links that we drop here on site. We have designed it this way so that you can get caught up while on the run whether you are making breakfast, packing lunch for the kids, on a quick drive, we want you to be taken care of wherever you are.

Monday: Jersey Boyz with Dave Sturchio, Bret Ernst, and Keith Ernst

Monday mornings offer a hangout with Dave Sturchio, Bret Ernst, and Keith Ernst. Bret and Keith are obviously related (they are brothers) and the former is actually a successful stand-up comic who was in the Netflix series Cobra Kai.

If you are looking for a vibe that feels like you are at the bar, the family barbecue, or around the dining table with fellow Cowboys fans then these guys are for you. They are obviously from the New Jersey area and have a lot of fun with it. As they are our Monday show you will hear from them often on the day after games this season.

Tuesday: The 75O with Tony Casillas and RJ Ochoa

People are often shocked by this, but yes, we have a Two-Time Super Bowl Champion on the podcast network.

Every Tuesday you can hear Tony Casillas offering his thoughts, analysis, and opinions on what is currently going on with the Cowboys. Tony obviously tends to reflect on his own playing days and has some particular takes on how the defensive tackles on the team are playing at a given moment. We keep it lighthearted and make sure to have a good time throughout.

Wednesday: The NFC East Mixtape with RJ Ochoa and Brandon Lee Gowton

We offer two shows on Wednesdays and the first is an incredibly unique idea within all of SB Nation.

Every Wednesday you can listen to The NFC East Mixtape on both the Blogging The Boys and Bleeding Green Nation podcast feeds. Brandon Lee Gowton (aka BLG) and I will discuss the state of the NFC East and where the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, and Washington all stack up within it.

Wednesday: Talkin’ The Star with Connor Livesay, Dalton Miller, and Cole Patterson

Our second show on Wednesday is all about deeper analysis since we have reached the midpoint of the week. Connor, Dalton, and Cole analyze draft prospects during NFL Draft season, but when there are games happening they dive deep on what is and isn’t working for America’s Team at the given moment.

We all want to see the Cowboys have success, but we also want to understand why they either are, or are not, doing so. The guys always do a great job of being educational along the way.

Thursday: Ryled Up with Roy White and Tom Ryle

During the rhymes and rhythms of an NFL season, Thursday is generally the time of week where we have fully spun forward to the upcoming Cowboys game on Sunday. Roy White and Tom Ryle often look at some of the deeper details that are plaguing the team and do their best to figure out how these issues can be rectified or how these successes can continue.

You all know how great of a writer Tom is; he brings that style and flare to all of his podcasting.

Friday: Girls Talkin ‘Boys with Kelsey Charles and Meg Murray

When the end of the week finally arrives we are all ready for the weekend and for our Dallas Cowboys-related plans to finally begin. Kelsey and Meg do a great job of setting the stage for what is about to come for the Cowboys and have a lot of guests to help them do it.

Generally the girls will also have on somebody who covers the team that the Cowboys are playing that week so this is a great opportunity to hear from those who know the enemy best.

Saturday: Cowboys Hoy with Mauricio Rodriguez

One of the things that makes our podcast network unique is undeniably this show. Cowboys Hoy is an entirely Spanish-spoken show that Mauricio does a fantastic job hosting where he recaps the week that was.

It is possible that you do not speak Spanish. This is honestly a great way to learn. A lot of football terms are kept in English so you can piece things together if you want to try and learn the language yourself.

The Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel

We introduced our podcast format in the way that it currently works last season and saw a lot of people really enjoy it. The BTB Way is to always be thinking ahead so this offseason we really focused on YouTube and trying to connect with people who enjoy and utilize that platform.

One of the things that we really like about YouTube is that unlike podcasts it offers us the ability to have livestreams and engage with BTBers in the moment. We had livestreams all throughout the 2021 NFL Draft and did several in the offseason after. It is very cool to have so many people hanging out in any given moment and talking through or figuring something out together.

Every week on our channel we will offer a handful of different things. We have these plans in place, but keep in mind that things are constantly changing in the NFL and we might have to adjust to something on the fly or tweak something as we go along.

Postgame Shows

This goes without saying, but as soon as every Dallas Cowboys game ends (starting this Thursday!) we will go live on the YouTube Channel to talk things out. We will have a few highlights prepared, discuss what the Cowboys did right or wrong, and set the stage for where they stand in the bigger picture of the NFL at that time.

We know that not everybody can participate in livestreams or gets a chance to watch a Postgame Show before the work week begins. As a result we will also podcast this conversation labeled as The Ocho for the next day.

Preview Shows

Just like we want to have something after the game, we also obviously want to have something leading up to it. Every week we will put together a preview show for you on the channel that will in itself have a number of details.

We will obviously discuss where the Cowboys stand and how important the game is to them at the moment. We will also have a Film Room component to our Preview Show where Matt Minich, who does all of the Film Room videos on our channel, will discuss some players on the other team to look out for and show you why we need to do so. What’s more is we will also have a conversation with someone who covers the opposing team to get their thoughts on what the Cowboys are getting themselves into.

Highlight Videos

In a perfect world there are plenty of Dallas Cowboys highlights following each game. However many there wind up being, we will put together a collage of them for you and do our best to get it up as soon as possible the day after games. Again, that starts this week.

Tuesday Livestreams

I’ve mentioned how much we enjoy livestreaming and we are going to be doing it every single week on our YouTube Channel. The current plan is to go live every Tuesday (which includes today!) at about 6pm ET. Again, this is subject to change.

While that will be our ideal window when the season starts, beginning next week things will be a bit different. Instead of going live in that window we will be jumping on as soon as each episode of Hard Knocks is over to discuss what we saw all together. We will also podcast these specific conversations since they are something that works well there, too.

As you can see there is a lot of thought, time, and energy that our entire staff puts in to making our podcasts and videos things that are enjoyable for you, the loyal Dallas Cowboys fan. We are always open to thoughts, comments, questions, or points of construction as we consider it a serious responsibility to deliver the content that you deserve.

This season is hopefully going to be a fun one and we would love to share it with you in these mediums. If you can, subscribing to us really does go such a long way. What’s more is if you leave a rating and write a review if you do subscribe to the podcast network.

We will also do what we can to share episodes and videos here on the site when they make sense. You may know already that we have a podcast player below every post (if you scroll down a bit) where you can directly listen. If it isn’t obvious the most recent episode is the one that sits at the top, second-most recent is below it, so on and so forth.

The preseason will make the schedule a bit funky, but we felt it important to let you know what our plans are and what our thoughts are behind them with the season beginning, even if it is just the preseason.

Thank you to all of you who have chosen to listen, watch, or read anything that we have ever done. This place is special because of you.

Cheers to another Dallas Cowboys season.

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