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WATCH: The first official trailer for Hard Knocks featuring the Dallas Cowboys

Hard Knocks debuts next Tuesday at 10pm ET.

Today is the last Tuesday without any game action (preseason, regular season, playoffs) surrounding the Dallas Cowboys until their 2021 season ends. This is true even though the NFL season is still just over a month away from beginning. Additional action for the Cowboys will also come in the form of Hard Knocks on HBO, and the debut episode comes next Tuesday, August 10th.

Dallas has been out in Oxnard for about two weeks now so there is a lot of footage for NFL Films to work with. Considering that there is the Pro Football Hall of Fame game featuring the Cowboys this week and then the enshrinement ceremony that Jimmy Johnson is headlining for the club, it is going to be difficult to condense all of this action into one hour.

HBO released the first trailer for the series on Tuesday. Get ready.

There are a lot of clips from The Star in the trailer and obviously that is not where training camp is being held. You can tell that some of the footage is also from the past as Dak Prescott can be seen wearing a white jersey while practicing; quarterbacks have worn red practice jerseys for the club since Mike McCarthy took over last year.

Also a point of interest is in the opening seven seconds. The Cowboys have notably had each of their players’ last names labeled vertically on their helmets and someone can be seen with “donkey” labeled on theirs. Perhaps there is a story there.

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