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Cowboys Hall of Fame game: Young cornerback debuts cloud the picture for vet Anthony Brown

It’s just the first Cowboys preseason game but we have an interesting situation brewing at cornerback.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

After the Dallas Cowboys left the field following their 16-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, their young secondary had to be feeling pretty good about themselves after giving up just 174 yards through the air. It’s only the first preseason game, but that is surely going to give their confidence a boost heading into the next game when they are sure to see more talent at quarterback and wide receiver. One player, though, that shouldn’t be feeling so confident is cornerback Anthony Brown who’s night wasn’t bad, but also wasn’t the greatest either for a player with the most NFL experience at cornerback for the Cowboys.

Brown is going into camp knowing that he has young and talented players behind him looking to make a name for themselves, and two of those cornerbacks helped their cause in the game. Kelvin Joseph had a short night but played well during his time on the field, and if you had to highlight the play of a cornerback last night, it would have been Nahshon Wright who seemed to be all over the place making plays. Outside of a clear offensive pass interference no-call, he had talented receiver Chase Claypool and others pretty well covered. Both had very nice showings in their debuts last night.

This leaves the Cowboys in a good situation where they have two young and impressive defensive backs who look the part, and in their first live-action in the NFL were able to show they definitely have potential. They also have an established cornerback in Brown who they can use as trade bait in an effort to get back a player at a position of need or an always valued draft pick. Either way, this is a good position to be in. As long as they aren’t any injuries, they could look to move Brown knowing that they have some players that look like they could grow into valid options at corner.

If Wright and Joseph can keep this up, then Brown could find himself on the trade block. The Cowboys still have veteran players like Jourdan Lewis and Maurice Canady in the secondary to go along with Trevon Diggs. They also have Reggie Robinson who is working his way back into the corner picture after spending time at safety.

Anthony Brown is a tradeable asset, and the Cowboys may look to capitalize on that.

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