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If cornerback C.J. Henderson is really available, the Cowboys should definitely kick the tires

Henderson’s talent is undeniable, but what would it take to add the young cornerback?

Detroit Lions v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

It’s not very often a first-round pick going into his second season in the league would appear to be available via trade. However, that’s what seems to be the case for cornerback C.J. Henderson and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Henderson is a talented cornerback from the University of Florida who has good ball skills and possesses an elite level of athleticism and natural ability at the cornerback position. Leading up to the 2020 NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys were interested in selecting Henderson before ultimately having CeeDee Lamb fall to them at pick number 17.

Henderson’s rookie season was short-lived due to injury, only appearing in eight games in his first season, all of which he started. He finished the year with one interception, one forced fumble, six passes defensed, and 36 total tackles.

The 6’1”, 204 lb cornerback has the skill set and potential that would be a nice fit for the Cowboys secondary. The team has not been shy in trying to upgrade the back end of their defense, and have continuously brought in fresh faces via the draft and free agency, with additions such as Malik Hooker, to promote competition and infuse much needed talent to a struggling defensive unit.

As always is the case in the NFL, and with the Cowboys specifically, the bottom line will come down to compensation. The question of how much the Cowboys would need to give in return for his services will ultimately dictate how far this hypothetical situation with the Jaguars will go.

The Cowboys would want to prod and poke to understand why Henderson may ultimately be available in the first place, but the NFL is an ever-flowing business where front offices use every day to try and get better, leaving no stone unturned. C.J. Henderson would fall under that category as his talents and the Cowboys initial interest is undeniable, and at the very least the Cowboys owe it to themselves to investigate the idea of adding him to the team.

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