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Why ‘homegating’ is one of the best ways to watch a Dallas Cowboys game this season

Get your living room layout right and a pot of chili simmering for the ultimate “big-game” atmosphere at home

NFL: AUG 21 Preseason - Texans at Cowboys Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

While the Dallas Cowboys boast one of the more impressive home buildings throughout the entire world of sports in AT&T Stadium, the reality is that the significant majority of their fans wind up watching their games from somewhere else — their home.

Football season is such a magical time because of the memories that we create while in our own home situations watching games. Many people have a “Man Cave” or dedicated place to watch games on Sunday afternoons, and there are many families who make it a tradition to experience as one total and collective unit.

Watching a game at home involves a variety of important factors. You have to make sure that you are not interrupted, that you have a comfy place to sit, and that the food is outstanding.

The ideal way to watch a Dallas Cowboys game at home

I’m not joking when I say that my wife and I have specifically (partially, at least that’s what I’m allowed to believe) structured our living room with football season in mind. The furniture lends itself to allowing great group dynamics while targeting the television so that we can see the ‘Boys in blue do the right thing.

We have all been in an environment where the furniture/setup wasn’t exactly conducive to watching a football game. These are unideal situations and should be avoided at all costs! Forget socialization, football is way more important.

Something on the subject of the television, though, that I have done ever since I was a kid is place two little helmets (the pocket-sized ones that fit in your hand) in front to indicate the current matchup. Watching a Cowboys game generally feels like a big deal for all of us Cowboys fans so I personally like for there to be as much of a “big-game” feel as far as what I can control.

Great things to eat during a Cowboys game

When people think of great food for football, they generally run to pizza, nachos, burgers, and those sort of classics. I’m not trying to say that these aren’t enjoyable, but I don’t think they are all too practical.

You have to eat before the game kicks off in my mind. If you are trying to eat while watching (while also participating in our open threads or tweeting) it is too difficult to also handle messy food. I generally like to eat before or after, but any sort of barbecue plate or collection of tacos is always going to win out in my book.

Truth be told, the best football meals don’t even happen until the cooler weather hits. My total nirvana is a 50-or-so-degree day outside that demands a pot of chili. Get some cheese, onions, and Fritos to toss in and you simply cannot go wrong (make sure to eat with your jersey off, it can be a messy proposition).

The best group meal is certainly a nice pizza and what is particularly appealing about that is the clean-up is easiest. On Sundays, you are way too busy watching your team and monitoring your fantasy roster to have to worry about doing any sort of dishes — so being able to tidy up in one fell swoop is a huge plus.

There is no doubt that being at an NFL game is a lot of fun and a memorable experience; however, we live in a day and age now where watching at home can be so relaxing and exhilarating all at once. There are so many ways to enjoy it and make it an all-day experience and the best part about it is you get to end the day right where you feel most comfortable.

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