Dak is Back!

If there was any question whether or not Dak Prescott would perform well after coming back from two ankle surgeries and a shoulder issue, he answered it loud and clear. The Cowboys' quarterback threw for 403 yards and three touchdowns against the SuperBowl Champion Buccaneers last night. If it weren't for some missed opportunities, he and the Cowboys would have won the game. Prescott showed why he was paid big money by Dallas, and we should expect more of these great performances in the future, which lead to wins.

On another note, my fellow Cowboys' fans, how about all of those predictions that America's Team would be embarrassed by the Bucs? Too bad we can't collect the checks of all the analysts who got that wrong. If anything, Dallas proved while they may respect their competition, they don't fear it. Dak even told Tom Brady after the game that we may see them down the road. That's confidence.

Looking forward to seeing our entire team clicking in the 17 game, 2021 season, which hopefully leads us back to the top of the NFC East (and beyond)!

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