Stop it! 'Boys are still bad

As a lifelong Cowboys fan, it pains me to point out that the current version of this team is no better than a mediocre team that'll be fortunate to make a wildcard playoff spot this season. That will depend entirely upon Dak's ability to stay healthy. This so-called "moral victory (only a 2 point loss) was entirely the result of Tampa self-inflicted errors. Tampa turned the ball over four times...Tampa had over 100 yards of penalties...Tampa allowed more than 400 yards against, yet they still win the game. That's what happens when a very good team plays against a poor team. This "great effort" by Dallas allowed 400 yards, had zero sacks, and allowed 31 points! Believe this was some sort of positive if you will, but that is only a reflection of how mediocre this team has been for decades.

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