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“Find Micah Parsons, wherever he is” - what the Chargers are saying about the Cowboys

Four things seem to be on everybody’s mind in L.A.: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Micah Parsons, and the hordes of Cowboys fans expected for the game.

Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

As we await the kickoff for the game against the Chargers, we take a look at what the Chargers are saying about the Cowboys. Four things seem to be on everybody’s mind in L.A.:

  • Tickets to Cowboys game come with sticker shock.
  • Dak Prescott’s track record.
  • How to contain Ezekiel Elliott.
  • Finding Micah Parsons.

Hordes of Cowboys fans expected for the game.

The Chargers are worried Cowboys fans might dominate SoFi Stadium on Sunday, the Orange County Register writes.

Chargers fans were out in full force for the first road game of the season, but now they’ll need to protect their home turf with the Dallas Cowboys facing the Chargers at SoFi Stadium on Sunday. The Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the NFL and they’re known for their strong road following.

Cowboys fans travel well, and as a result tickets for the Chargers game are drawing a hefty price.

The Cowboys, regardless of where they play on the road, are huge draws. That’s especially true in L.A, where Cowboys booster are always a significant part of the crowds when Dallas faces the Rams.

The average purchase price of $377 for the Chargers-Cowboys, according to TickPick, is 81 percent more expensive than the average purchase price last year for Chargers games at Dignity Health Sports Park.

The Chargers-Cowboys showdown also has the most expensive average purchase prices for this week’s slate of games. The Pittsburgh Steelers-Las Vegas Raiders ($350) and the Philadelphia Eagles-San Francisco 49ers ($345) are next in line.

Dak Prescott is an “elite competitor.”

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley, finds words for Prescott that many Cowboys fans will agree with and some will bristle at.

“This guy has been a proven guy for a long time,” he said. “Since he’s played for the Cowboys, their record speaks for itself with him as the quarterback — and their production. Going back to last year, they were number one in the NFL in total offense the year before I was with the Rams. Then, they were leading the NFL in offense through four or five weeks, and then he got hurt. Then, he lit it up Week 1 against the defensive Super Bowl champions, against a defense that’s really, really good. His track record speaks for itself. He’s a guy that’s very worthy of that contract. He’s an elite competitor. We’re excited to be able to face him this week.”

Justin Herbert echoed what Staley said about Prescott.

“I think he’s really smart,” Herbert said. “He’s able to make all the places athletic. His arm strength is off the charts. He’s got all the tools and weapons, especially when you put him with some pretty good running backs and some receivers. He’s going to be able to do some impressive things.”

How to stop Ezekiel Elliott.

Staley on Ezekiel Elliott:

"He has my full attention," Staley said. "I have full respect for this back. My eyes tell me that this guy is a top two-to-five back in this league. Playing against him last year, what was unique is I could hear everything last year. There was no crowd, so I could hear the sound of every tackle. I remember going home and watching the TV copy with my wife. It was late, but she stayed up and we watched it. You could hear it; you could hear the pads popping. He's a physical guy. I have full respect for him and what he's accomplished in this league. I still think he's a premium back."

Linebacker Kyzir White on how they’ll try to stop Elliott.

"I think Ezekiel Elliott is one of the best running backs in the game," White said. "He runs hard, he usually always gets positive yards on contact, so you know we gotta wrap up, run our feet and all rally to the ball."

DE Joey Bosa expects to see quite a bit of his former college roommate.

“We get to rush the passer, especially if they’re dropping back. Obviously, if you’re throwing it that many times, there’s gonna be a lot of quick passes here and there. But after last week, I think they’re gonna, I mean, I don’t know, I’m not an offensive mind, but I’m sure, though, they’re going to get Zeke into the game and run him a bit more, which we’re gonna have to be prepared for.

“But, I mean, if they pass it, they’re gonna have to block 50 times, so it’s going to be a good battle.”

DC Renaldo Hill on preparing for the Cowboys’ run game.

“We’ll expect them to try to get the run game going. That’s their guy [Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott]. We know once the run game is going for them, everything else opens up. Even though they had a big day passing [against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers], I think it opens up more variables for those guys. We expect them to get the run game going and use their big back, back there.”

“Find Micah Parsons, wherever he is.”

Chargers QB Justin Herbert noticed how Micah Parsons is lining up all over the field.

“He’s one of those guys that you have to block. You have to find him wherever he is on the field, and he’s been able to do plenty of good things on defense. Whether he’s lined up over tight ends or running backs, or whether he’s blitzing. He’s been all over the field making plays.”

The Cowboys defense may have given up a lot of yards, but something else caught Herbert’s eye in Week 1.

"They forced a lot of turnovers last week, and that's something we have to be smart about going into this week. We need to emphasize fundamentals and ball security. They did a good job forcing turnovers last week, and they have some athletic guys. Some of those linebackers are some of the best in the world. It's a tough defense, but a good opportunity for us.

"[Their secondary has] some really good cover guys. They run some pretty good coverages and they're well-coached. It's going to be on us to find our matchups and win those."

OC Joe Lombardi on Parsons.

This No. 11 [LB Micah Parsons], their rookie, is physical, fast. We all know what his skill level is. They still have a lot of problematic defenders over there.”

We discussed what the Cowboys need to do if they want to win this game and learned about the Chargers from our friends at Bolts From The Blue on our official pregame show this week.

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