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Stephen Jones says both Connors, Williams and McGovern, have been playing center

The Cowboys offensive line is still in flux.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When things get going for the Dallas Cowboys against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday they will have a handful of different starters than the last time they played a game. Michael Gallup, La’el Collins, and DeMarcus Lawrence will all officially miss this contest and some more time before they ultimately return. It is possible/likely that Randy Gregory and/or Donovan Wilson also miss this game which could put the number of interchanged starters from one week to the next at five. Things come at you fast in the NFL.

Could there be more change on the horizon for the Cowboys, though? There is an argument to be made that the worst starter for the team in Week 1 was center Tyler Biadasz. The Cowboys have explored other options at the spot already this year when they experimented with Connor Williams there during training camp and the preseason.

But could it be that the actual answer is a Connor, but not Williams?

Could Connor McGovern see time at center some time soon?

Stephen Jones said on Friday that both Connors have gotten work at center.

Things have been a bit chaotic for the Cowboys over the last eight or so days and thankfully things will feel a bit more normal once they actually start playing another game.

But the Cowboys have to keep their eyes on the long-term. As mentioned, Tyler Biadasz had a rough Week 1 so the Cowboys would be smart to have an alternative option ready in Connor McGovern.

The Cowboys have declined to utilize McGovern at center thus far into his NFL career despite the fact that he has experience playing the position at Penn State. The Williams experiment did not exactly yield positive results so Dallas might be trying to turn over every rock here.

We are still very early in the season, but the opener was not a good game for Tyler Biadasz. He finished last on the team in terms of pass-blocking grades from PFF (McGovern was second while playing at right guard, McGovern was also second on the team in run blocking) and allowed both the most hurries and hits against Dak Prescott among all linemen.

To be fair, the opener was just Biadsaz’s fifth start in the NFL and it takes time to master things at the professional level. But given how the Cowboys pursued Williams as another option before the season started, and that they are now seemingly experimenting with McGovern as a new one, suggests that they are not totally satisfied.

This is definitely something to watch in the coming weeks.

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