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The Dallas Cowboys will wear navy uniforms for their Week 1 game in Tampa Bay

The Cowboys don’t care ‘bout no stinkin’ curse.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first week of the season is arriving for the Dallas Cowboys and by this time next week they will either be the league’s only undefeated team or, well, we won’t talk about the other option.

Thursday night is going to be a tall order for America’s Team as they will be playing the world champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the night that they raise their Super Bowl banner after winning the game of all games in their own home stadium. With fans returning this season there is surely going to be a lot of energy in the air.

Dallas actually opened last season in an environment that would have been rather raucous as they visited the Los Angeles Rams in the first game at SoFi Stadium. The Cowboys obviously lost that game and some people remain convinced that part of the reason is what they were wearing.

You see there is a sector of Cowboys fans who believe that the team’s blue jerseys are cursed. Generally speaking the Cowboys have experienced some awful losses in franchise history while wearing those uniforms, but guess what? They will be rocking them on Thursday night considering that the Buccaneers announced they will be wearing white tops.

Ultimately what the Cowboys or anyone else wears is really of little significance, but if you are someone who cares just know that you will need to have your navy jersey on hand for Thursday night.

We are only a few days away from meaningful football.

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