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Why tailgating at AT&T Stadium is an experience like no other

The home of America’s Team welcomes fans from around the world

Los Angeles Chargers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There is one stadium that football fans around the world flock to more often than others.

Many people are shocked to learn that the Dallas Cowboys are entering their 13th season at AT&T Stadium given how it is still one of the more glitzy and glamorous palaces across the world of sports. Over a decade after it opened in 2009, AT&T remains one of the top crown jewels throughout the entire National Football League.

Attending a game at AT&T is quite the experience. Before you even have an opportunity to get inside and see the jumbotron that makes punting a challenge, you have a bevy of opportunities outside of the building. And given that you are going to be watching a football game, you want to make the most of this priceless opportunity.

Where should you tailgate at AT&T Stadium?

There are many people who make attending a Dallas Cowboys game (whether they are rooting for the home or away team) a bucket list experience. If you are going to do it, then there is one top place that you want to be as far as your tailgating is concerned.

Silver Lot 4 is generally the best bang for your buck. You are within easy walking distance to the stadium plus you are really close, so the vibe of tailgating feels like you are smack-dab in the middle of Sunday’s action. This is a spot for more casual tailgating so you can’t bring your camper or anything crazy, but you can totally show up in your vehicle and bring something to cook up a few burgers, brats, or something in between.

Generally, the lot opens up five hours prior to kickoff so you should have plenty of time to feast with whoever you’re attending the game with. One thing that also I like about this lot is that it is somewhat centrally located — so if you have friends who’ve bigger set-ups elsewhere, you can get there with ease and not have to do an enormous amount of walking.

What can you expect to see throughout the crowd?

There are some stadiums in the NFL known for being a bit more raucous and rowdy than others, but I’ve always had delightful experiences at AT&T. I’ve been to (and tailgated at) Soldier Field in Chicago, Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, what is now RingCentral Stadium in Oakland, Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Lucas Oil in Indianapolis, and Gillette in Foxborough — and would put the Cowboys home venue against any other in terms of pleasantries among the crowd.

While there are few bad apples and there’s definitely a fair share of visiting fans, you have to remember that this is generally a stadium that most fans want to visit. So there are more often than not a healthy amount of opposing jerseys ... and an occasional random one or two.

Mostly though, you will find Dallas Cowboys fans sporting jerseys of the team ranging from Dak Prescott all the way to Roger Staubach. Multiple generations are both represented and covered.

There aren’t many places like this in the NFL

As mentioned, I have been to a handful of NFL stadiums and while there are plenty of venues with unique distinctions, there isn’t a whole like AT&T Stadium.

Given its proximity to the home of the Texas Rangers and Six Flags Over Texas theme park, the area is always full of activity. This can make traffic a bit of a nightmare, so you need to give yourself plenty of time to set up and enjoy yourself.

Perhaps the best part about AT&T Stadium is that everything about it lives up to the Dallas Cowboys’ standard. Every detail was meticulously calculated and planned with serious thought in mind, which is why the venue stands the test of time entering its second decade of existence.

If you haven’t been yet, hopefully you’ll be able to tailgate at AT&T Stadium soon. You won’t regret it.

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