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State of the NFC East: Predicting each team’s record going into the 2021 season

How will the NFC East shake out in 2021?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Whether or not it is of high quality, the NFC East is always a division of extreme interest in the National Football League. This season promises some drama down the stretch as the majority of games among the four teams take place over the final six or so weeks which means action will be happening at an accelerated pace, but there are a number of things that will happen between now and December.

We have officially arrived at Week 1 and soon will know whether the Dallas Cowboys are starting their season off with a win or loss. How will all of the games shake out, though? More specifically how will each game across the division go?

On this week’s episode of the NFC East Mixtape the subject was how each team in the division will do. Brandon Gowton predicted records for both the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Football Team while I handled things for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. You can listen to this episode and all of the podcasts that we put out here at BTB on the Blogging The Boys podcast network. Apple devices can subscribe right here while Spotify users can subscribe right here.

It seems unlikely that a team will win this division with a sub-.500 record like Washington did in 2020, but what will their records be (we have bolded NFC East common games)?

Dallas Cowboys, 11-6

  • Week 1: at Buccaneers, W
  • Week 2: at Chargers, L
  • Week 3: Eagles, W
  • Week 4: Panthers, W
  • Week 5: Giants, W
  • Week 6: at Patriots, L
  • Week 7: BYE
  • Week 8: at Vikings, W
  • Week 9: Broncos, W
  • Week 10: Falcons, L
  • Week 11: at Chiefs, L
  • Week 12: Raiders, W
  • Week 13: at Saints, L
  • Week 14: at Washington, W
  • Week 15: at Giants, W
  • Week 16: Washington, L
  • Week 17: Cardinals, W
  • Week 18: at Eagles, W

Philadelphia Eagles, 9-8

  • Week 1: at Falcons, W
  • Week 2: 49ers, L
  • Week 3: at Cowboys, L
  • Week 4: Chiefs, L
  • Week 5: at Panthers, W
  • Week 6: Buccaneers, L
  • Week 7: at Raiders, W
  • Week 8: at Lions, W
  • Week 9: Chargers, L
  • Week 10: at Broncos, L
  • Week 11: Saints, W
  • Week 12: at Giants, L
  • Week 13: at Jets, W
  • Week 14: BYE
  • Week 15: WFT, W
  • Week 16: Giants, W
  • Week 17: at WFT, L
  • Week 18: Cowboys, W

New York Giants, 4-13

  • Week 1: Broncos, W
  • Week 2: at Washington, L
  • Week 3: Falcons, L
  • Week 4: at Saints, L
  • Week 5: at Cowboys, L
  • Week 6: Rams, L
  • Week 7: Panthers, W
  • Week 8: at Chiefs, L
  • Week 9: Raiders, W
  • Week 10: BYE
  • Week 11: at Buccaneers, L
  • Week 12: Eagles, L
  • Week 13: at Dolphins, L
  • Week 14: at Chargers, L
  • Week 15: Cowboys, L
  • Week 16: at Eagles, L
  • Week 17: at Bears, L
  • Week 18: Washington, W

Washington Football Team, 10-7

  • Week 1: Chargers, L
  • Week 2: Giants, W
  • Week 3: at Bills, L
  • Week 4: at Falcons, W
  • Week 5: Saints, W
  • Week 6: at Chiefs, L
  • Week 7: at Packers, L
  • Week 8: at Broncos, W
  • Week 9: BYE
  • Week 10: Buccaneers, W
  • Week 11: at Panthers, W
  • Week 12: Seahawks, L
  • Week 13: at Raiders, W
  • Week 14: Cowboys, W
  • Week 15: at Eagles, L
  • Week 16: at Cowboys, L
  • Week 17: Eagles, W
  • Week 18: at Giants, W

Ultimately BLG and I were in general agreement on most things. As noted he picked the Washington games while I picked Dallas and we had the teams splitting their series, just winning opposite ones.

Where I was different also had to do with the Eagles. I see them sweeping the Giants while he actually has Philadelphia winning all of its home divisional contests and losing the road ones. Overall the Giants don’t seem like they are going to be that good of a team with a porous offensive line, turnover-prone quarterback, and unimaginative offensive coordinator.

The cluster of NFC East games at the end of the season (Washington plays Philly and Dallas for four straight weeks as just one example) is going to massively dictate the way that things ultimately shake out, but for the most part all of this feels somewhat safe.

What did we get wrong?

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