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Vegas odds say Dan Quinn to Denver; Kellen Moore to interview in vain

Vegas has the lowdown on potential landing spots for the Cowboys coordinators.

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

If your are concerned the Cowboys might lose both of their coordinators, you need to worry no more - at least if you give any credence to the latest Vegas odds. has released the odds for five NFL head coaching jobs, and has Dan Quinn as the leading candidate in Denver, with Kellen Moore among the top candidates in Miami.

Next Broncos Head Coach Next Dolphins Head Coach
Coach Odds Coach Odds
Dan Quinn +500 Brian Daboll +300
Jim Caldwell +600 Doug Pederson +500
Leslie Frazier +600 Eric Bieniemy +500
Nathaniel Hackett +600 Kellen Moore +650
Jonathan Gannon +700 Byron Leftwich +700
Byron Leftwich +800 Nathaniel Hackett +700
Eric Bieniemy +850 Todd Bowles +700
Doug Pederson +900 Joe Brady +1000
Brian Daboll +1000 Kevin O'Connell +1000
Jim Harbaugh +1000 Demeco Ryans +1200
Kellen Moore +1000 Jim Harbaugh +1200

Moore’s name also pops up on the list of favorites in Denver, but he’s considered a long shot there.

The other three teams are probably long shots as potential landing spots. Moore barely makes the top 10 in Chicago, and Quinn also just cracks the top 10 in Minnesota, while Moore is ranked seventh in Jacksonville.

Bears Vikings Jaguars
Coach Odds Coach Odds Coach Odds
Doug Pederson +500 Eric Bieniemy +300 Bill O'Brien +150
Jim Harbaugh +550 Brian Daboll +400 Darrell Bevell +300
Brian Daboll +600 Andre Patterson +800 Jim Caldwell +550
Eric Bieniemy +700 Brian Flores +800 Doug Pederson +750
Leslie Frazier +700 Doug Perderson +900 Byron Leftwich +800
Brian Flores +1000 Jim Harbaugh +1000 Eric Bieniemy +900
Josh McDaniels +1000 Kellen Moore +1000 Kellen Moore +900
Pat Fitzgerald +1000 Todd Bowles +1000 Brian Daboll +1200
Byron Leftwich +1200 Byron Leftwich +1200 Joe Brady +1200
Kellen Moore +1200 Dan Quinn +1200 Matt Eberflus +1200
Ryan Day +1200 Caldwell/ Eberlus/ Hackett +1200 Josh McDaniels +2000

The odds suggest Denver is a spot to watch as a potential landing spot for Dan Quinn. For Moore, the odds suggest he’ll be doing a few interviews but may not land a head coaching gig this cycle.

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