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Chicago Bears request permission to speak to Dan Quinn about head coach position

The Cowboys defensive coordinator is a popular guy.

Dallas Cowboys v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Heading into this Dallas Cowboys season, most people would have bet money that if the team was going to lose a coordinator to another team for their head coaching vacancy at the end of the year, it would have been offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. That could still be the case as his name has popped up in the search by a few teams. But the real hot prospect at the moment appears to be defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

As has been previously reported, both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Denver Broncos have asked for permission to speak with Quinn about their head coaching positions. For the record, those teams also asked to speak to Moore. Quinn declined to interview with the Jaguars while the Cowboys are still playing, but Moore went head and interviewed with them.

The Broncos are reportedly seriously interested in Quinn and he appears to be among the favorites to land that position. At this time, we don’t know the status of any prospective interviews with the Broncos.

Now a third team is getting in on the requests for Quinn. The Chicago Bears have reportedly asked permission to speak to Quinn about their head coach opening.

It seems that the idea of the Cowboys keeping Quinn past this one season is fading fast. He has done such a masterful job of resurrecting the Cowboys defense that teams are willing to consider him as a serious candidate for a second bite at the head coaching apple.

Update: 2:50pm ET

There is a fourth. The Miami Dolphins have now also requested to interview Dan Quinn.

At present time there are six head coach vacancies in the NFL and four of them have interest in Dan Quinn. While the Las Vegas Raiders are in the playoffs and currently preoccupied that leaves only the Minnesota Vikings as teams already working on the future that have not reached out for an interview.

Perhaps that will change soon.

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