The REAL Ranking... Wild Card Round

I've commonly posted my take on Dallas's ranking on the front-page article... but BtB hasn't seem to put that out for the playoffs and ended with going into week 18. I suppose that could work if the season ended that week, but for Dallas, it didn't. And we're still looking at where things are relative to the playoffs. Without anything to "complain" about... I figured I'd put out my ranking for the teams going into the playoff round and will only be including the teams that MADE the playoffs.

1. Green Bay Packers (LW 1): Yeah, they lost... but they also really had nothing to play for in Week 18. NFC Playoffs go through Lambeau and about all the Packers needed to do was make sure Rodgers didn't get hurt.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW 2): They have some things to worry about, primarily on injuries at receiver and with the quality of their pass defense... but despite the injuries and antics of Antonio Brown, they've won every game they've played since the loss to the Saints and survived the chaos that has hit and hurt other teams. Still having Tom Brady doesn't hurt.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (LW 3): They dropped one going into last week following their loss to the Bengals, but they had a shot to climb back up to two... if they could do something dominating against Denver. And to a degree, they had plenty to play for. For if Tennessee lost, the Chiefs could regain the 1 seed in the AFC. And if the Chiefs lost they could have potentially fallen as low as the 4 seed in the AFC... which shows on how tight the AFC conference was. But while the KC defense saved them in the win, it wasn't a dominating win. I'd still argue that KC is the best team in the AFC right now based on Mahomes and the KC defense... but the narrow win they had over Denver wouldn't be enough to lift them over Tampa Bay.

4. Tennessee Titans (LW 5): A revenge win over the Texans may not count for much, but it was a win Tennessee needed to hold the one seed in the AFC and has shown the ability to win even without its best weapon, Derrick Henry, who might be available during the playoffs. If this stands... they have a chance of upsetting the Chiefs in the AFC title game.

5. LA Rams (LW 4): Losses hurt, particularly when they cost you the two seed. But this wasn't a crushing loss. It required overtime and was to a fairly good team in the AFC West. In this, the loss isn't that bad as far as individual games go. And Stafford had more TDs than INTs, so he wasn't too bad. The one thing that hurt him was the one underthrown ball in overtime that proved to be his last pass of the game. But the Rams will still get a home playoff game and will get a shot against a team they know very well...

6. Buffalo Bills (LW 6): They beat the Jets... that doesn't say all that much... other than that... they beat the Jets.

7. San Francisco 49ers (LW 10): They upset LA in LA. Granted it was only three points and the 49ers have had an odd history of beating the Rams, but one can't deny that they won against a team with a better record and on the road. They also still bring an experienced and battle-hardened team that could be scary good.

8. Dallas Cowboys (LW 9): Beating the snot out of Philadelphia feels good... but it's still Philadelphia, a team that was 0-7 against teams with winning records going into the game and largely playing backups. So, to a degree Dallas was in much the same position as the Bills... but they got rise because of some of the chaos that happened ahead of them... and hurt a bit with regard to San Francisco because of who they beat.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (LW 7): Granted it would seem that the Bengals rested a lot of their star players against the Browns in order to avoid injury and it was unlikely that they were going to move up in the AFC seeding thanks to KC's win on Saturday... but the Browns weren't play much thanks to injury and falling out of playoff contention, and still won over the AFC North champs.

10. Arizona Cardinals (LW 8): They had everything to play for... The NFC West was open, as the Rams only lead them based on tiebreakers and the Rams were going into a game they could lose. Thus, all Arizona needed to get at least the 3 seed if not the 2 seed was to win. And they played a Seattle team that had nothing to play for but pride. A Seattle team that Arizona had already beaten IN Seattle and their infamous "twelfth man." A team that had not been at .500 since October 3 at 2-2. Not a great showing for a team that upset Dallas the week before and had the NFC Division crown to win.

11. Las Vegas Raiders (LW 15): They won their play in game in overtime, which is good for them, and moves them up and over some of the other competitors and helped along by some of the rest of the chaos that hit some of these other teams gaining wildcard spots...

12. New England Patriots (LW 11): Given that the Bills were playing the Jets, it wasn't likely that they'd win the AFC East... but to lose to Miami to close out the year... hurts. That said, this is still a Belichick lead team and thus they don't drop too far as a result.

13. Philadelphia Eagles (LW 14): They climb one after getting slaughtered? Madness! Or because they rested their starters and benefitted from the fact that the LA Chargers threw away a shot at the playoffs with a timeout and the Indianapolis Colts lost to a Clown Show.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW 16): Congratulations to the Steelers and Roethlisberger for getting a miracle. But it still took an overtime win by 3 points over Baltimore and then required a ton of help just to get this far.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.