I have never been so disgusted, so utterly repulsed watching a game as I was watching Dallas yesterday!
For the last twenty years 20 years it has been hard being a fan of my team. The Cowboys poor play, stupid mistakes were really on display yesterday! Hard to believe they could out poor and out stupid some of their memorably poor games this season, but against the Niners our 'Boys out did themselves! Fourteen penalties, I repeat FOURTEEN PENALTIES! How the hell can you do that in a playoff game! I went to get a handgun out of my safe to shoot the TV when they made the next penalty, but my hand was shaking too much, I could not dial the combination. Good thing, because they made another stupid penalty when I came back, I may have put the gun in my mouth! These last two lines are the gods honest truth! Other than the nicest stadium in the NFL this team has nothing going for it.

The worst part is this has been going on for years, and I never hear anybody complain too much. C'mon Jerry, how can you sit in your booth up there and watch this! If I owned the team they would have been pulling me off Mcarthy, prying my hands off his throat. But why would Jerry do that, he is quite used to his teams being in the upper half of teams in penalties year in and year out. I live in Connecticut and I always thought I would be going to see a game in the new stadium, I went to games in the old stadium six times. But until things change I will not go near the place. I rmember the Patriots lost a regular season game and Kraft was so pissed he was ranting about the poor play. They made eight penalties in that game.

I know the players do not practice as much, blah blah blah, but the disciplined teams in the NFL do not play stupid, no not stupid football, lets call it what it is, Cowboys football! Once when I played a junior varsity game in ninth grade we committed eight penalties, two in the game winning drive against us. We were playing at home, when our coach got done screaming at us, well actually he was losing his voice, but after his yelling and screaming he made us run the track, 12 laps, four miles after playing a game. The next week he yelled and screamed some more, and we ran, we ran a lot more, every day. The next game we committed two penalties against the best team in our conference. Our coach treated it like a win, and we played smart the rest of the year.

So fire the coaching staff, penalize the idiots who repeatedly make penalties, do something before I leave my gunsafe unlocked next season. I have never been so disgusted watching a fotball game as yesterdays! Who agrees with me?

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