Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys spent an entire season playing for an 11-5 record when in reality they should have been 15-1.

The only team that beat down the Cowboys were the Broncos. They other games should have been won.

This team going back to Tony Romo as quarterback always had problems with making dumb mistakes and penalties.

At this point in the season on your own home field you end up with 14 penalties.

Receivers dropping the ball. Receivers not going after the ball and expecting it to be thrown perfectly

What happened to receivers who go back and get the ball when the quarterback is a little off?

What happened to guys that fight like hell to when on their own field even with the mistakes?

Where was the sense of urgency and clock management?

Why were they scared to go for it on fourth down?

Kudos to the defense they played their buts off but Randy Gregory's mistakes were costly

What kind of pass coverage are they playing?

They need a shut down yard for yard defensive back

They need a different coverage scheme

Anthony Brown is a liability

They need to get Cooper and Lamb more involved in the offense, especially Cooper with his ability to create space

Work out a scheme to balance the use of Elliot and Pollard

If you're going to resign Shultz make a your third down and possession guy

This team needs discipline. There's no way they should have played like they after scoring over 50 against the Eagles. Cut down on the damn mistakes and focus

Dak has to see the field. he missed some open receivers.

This years camp has to be about discipline with the offensive and defensive lines

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.