Missing Ingredients for a Potential Super Recipe

Like many of my fellow Cowboys' fans, I was disappointed at our Wildcard playoff loss on Sunday to the 49ers. I saw the sadness on different faces thinking what will it take for America's team to have playoff success. This year's team looked like one capable of making a deep postseason run, but for any number of reasons that was not the case. So even though this loss hurts, the focus must be on building an even better team heading into next season. What missing ingredients do the Cowboys need for a potential SuperBowl recipe?

  • Discipline, Discipline, and More Discipline: We had way too many penalties on Sunday. That speaks some to coaching because there needs to be accountability for these mistakes, but also players have to keep their heads in the game. No one is perfect, but the team should strive for perfection.
  • Retool the Offensive Line: It seemed like there were too many times when Dak Prescott had to run for his life in games this season. The O-line is getting older, more injured, and accumulating numerous penalties, which hurts the offense. Better protection for Dak means more production for the team.
  • Improve Run Defense: Our run defense has struggled to say the least in the last few years. The latest example was San Francisco on Sunday on their first possession of the game, taking us right down the field for a touchdown. The 'Boys need some run stuffers so that teams can't just constantly use their ground game at will on us.
  • Suitable Second Option for the Secondary: I believe Trevon Diggs is legitimate at cornerback, but he needs some help. Let's get another quality CB who can make big time plays.
  • Return of Our Running Game: Without a consistent run game, our offense is compromised, forcing Dak to make something good happen, which lead to too many three and outs, or turnovers. Whether it's Zeke and Tony, or another combination, a more effective running game helps give us a more explosive offense.

If our Cowboys add these ingredients to the good ones we already have, then we can cook up a recipe that will finally win us another SuperBowl.

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