The Dak Excused Post...

And I'ma blame somebody in a minute for a QB run with 14 seconds and no timeouts...

So this game was - textbook - lost in the trenches. Cowboys rushing, 77 yards which includes 27 from Dak (3.7 per). The 49'ers had 169 on the ground (4.4 per). You are usually winning with that kind of ground game advantage. Now toss in 5 QB sacks and 14 total hits on Dak. The 49'ers knew the Cowboys had great pass rushers and they rolled out a lot. No sacks for Dallas.

> 49ers vs. Cowboys - Box Score - January 16, 2022 - ESPN

So Dak's 69.3 QB rating was more a function of losing the LOS, rather than a primary cause of the loss. He was OK, not great, but the Cowboys got kicked around in the trenches and no QB plays well under that kind of pass pressure.

Moreover the Cowboys got out-hustled, at home in the playoffs. 14 penalties. McCarthy.

Now Then

Kellen Moore doesn't make that bonehead call for Dak to run on the last play of the game. It's not enough time with no timeouts and he's not that dense. Regardless of who is accepting fault, that had to be McCarthy on the headset. It fits with the kind of crackpot thing we've seen before from him.

We faulted Garrett for years for being too conservative, rightfully so. McCarthy can be reckless at times with those kind of clutch situations.

I thought he might get released Monday, not sure now. I've seen enough after a year leading the league in penalties and then his coaching job Sunday. Put Moore in the job, right now.


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