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Cowboys schedule update: Dallas to visit Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday night in Week 18

Get ready for Saturday night football.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

There are only 17 games left in the 2021 NFL regular season and one of them will feature the Dallas Cowboys visiting the Philadelphia Eagles.

You will recall that Dallas beat Philadelphia soundly in their first matchup this season (41-21) in a game that took place on Monday Night Football.

The NFL reserves the right to set up the schedule the way that they want it for the final week of the regular season and this year will have a couple of games on Saturday before the Sunday regular season finale. As fate would have it the Dallas Cowboys have been chosen to play on Saturday and what’s more is in the night slot.

The rest of the games not listed here will take place throughout Sunday between the noon and afternoon slots but and the Cowboys will spend that day learning who their playoff opponent is officially going to be.

With their loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday afternoon Dallas all but locked themselves in as the fourth seed in the NFC and while things could technically go a different way the Cowboys won’t know anything relative to the NFC when their game against the Eagles kicks off.

Speaking of the birds, Philadelphia secured a playoff berth themselves throughout this week’s NFL action so it is particularly interesting that the league would move this game to primetime on Saturday night given that neither team has a real incentive to play hard.

Looking at things in an optimistic sense it is highly likely (nothing is confirmed yet obviously) that this game being on Saturday allows the Cowboys an extra day of rest and preparation for who they will see in the Wildcard Round.

Get ready for Saturday night.

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