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What Jerry Jones said on Friday about the Cowboys season and potential coaching changes

The Cowboys owner had a lot to say on Friday.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

We are less than a week into the offseason for the Dallas Cowboys, and unfortunately there is a ton of time left until this team plays a game of significance. Between now and then the Cowboys brain trust is going to be tasked with fixing things to the point that a better-than-average team can morph into a truly elite one.

All of that starts at the very top with Dallas Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones. This entire operation works under his authority so he is a very influential person with regards to righting this ship.

Jerry Jones was scheduled to do his weekly radio hit on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday of this week but rescheduled to Friday morning. You can listen to the whole thing in its entirety right here.

Ultimately the Cowboys owner said a lot without saying much.

Jerry “isn’t ready to talk about” the status of his coaches

With yet another Cowboys season coming to a disappointing end, there are some who want to see the coaching staff addressed so that these things to not continue to happen. Mike McCarthy has only coached two seasons in Dallas, but again, there is arguably enough proof to this point to know that a change may be necessary.

Don’t ask Jerry about that, though. He isn’t ready to talk about it.

It is interesting that Jerry would “not be ready to talk” in what is literally a scheduled public appearance, but hey don’t let logic stand in the way of making your points. At every turn this week the Cowboys (including McCarthy) have declined to formally say that the head coach will be returning for a third season which seems to indicate they could be holding some sort of serious discussion about making changes, which may or may not include the head coach.

The sun issue at AT&T Stadium will not be addressed at all

While the sun is not a massive reason for the Cowboys’ failures inside of their home building, it is at least a factor worth discussing and potentially worth adjusting. That feels like a fair and rational way to approach the subject.

It is kind of ridiculous that this sun issue continues to be something that is in anyway a relevant factor. There is no denying that at times the glare existing in afternoon games can be an issue for players on the field, both Cowboys players and otherwise, which would seemingly be enough reason for the Cowboys to consider doing something about it.

That will not be the case. If there is anything that Jerry is certain on right now it is that the artistic photos created by the lights bouncing everywhere must go on.

It is truly silly that we have to have this discussion every year. The Cowboys are either too proud, or ignorant, to consider adjusting something that the entire world but them can see which is ironic because it is the sense of sight that the sun is impacting.

As 105.3’s Jeff Cavanaugh noted in his tweet, the Cowboys have created a world where “elements” are a factor inside of a closed building. That is so backwards that is remains frustrating for it to be the case.

It is hard to buy Jerry’s being upset as being totally sincere and authentic

While Jerry Jones was mid-interview there were plenty of people reacting in the moment to how utterly upset he sounded. It is true that if you go back and listen to the whole thing that his tenor is of the miffed variety.

Not to be the “this has been the case for 26 years!” person here, but this has sort of been the case for 26 years. Jerry has had opportunity over opportunity to right any wrong he or anyone feels exists with his beloved Dallas Cowboys, and as evidenced by the situation with the sun inside of the building at many times is completely closed-minded to the idea of doing so.

Being a little bit more blunt here it is possible that Jerry just tried to connect with fans that are also upset. He shook his fist at the air, but as the person in charge of the whole thing offered absolutely no insight as to any potential change that could be coming to help correct the very problem he is allegedly up in arms over.

No fan of the Dallas Cowboys needs reminding that Jerry pulls the strings for every legitimate move associated with the team. So if he truly can’t get over what his team did (really didn’t do) in the playoffs, why not make a change? He is literally the main person who can do such a thing.

Consider that this is the same person who loves to tell us all annually about how much Jimmy Johnson deserves to be in the team’s Ring of Honor. Jerry will smile in front of cameras, shake Jimmy’s hand, and talk about how much something like that has to happen.

Yet as the gatekeeper for such a thing to be possible he remains void of change, show, or action. Like his team, Jerry Jones is turning into an all-talk and no-action sort of proposition which is why it is difficult to believe that he is as upset as he is claiming to be.

The Dallas Cowboys have every bit of ability to make whatever changes they want to regarding their team, stadium, or franchise Hall of Fame.

The trouble is that they won’t and don’t, not that they can’t. Don’t get them twisted.

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