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The Dallas Cowboys last won a Super Bowl 26 years ago today

It’s been a long drought for the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboy vs Pittsburgh Steelers, Super Bowl XXX

Today is January 28th, 2022. This is a very notable day in Dallas Cowboys history.

The last time that the Cowboys won a Super Bowl was on this date in January, just a long time ago. The team’s victory in Super Bowl XXX over the Pittsburgh Steelers took place 26 years ago today.

The victory was Dallas’ third world championship in four years and one that cemented the team of the 1990s as an official dynasty. Many around here were very young, or not even born then, and we have all had to endure the seemingly never-ending quest back to the top of the mountain for what is now officially over a quarter century.

If the Cowboys are unable to win the Super Bowl this coming 2022 season then their drought will officially hit 10,000 days before the Super Bowl that follows the 2023 season. It is hard to imagine that anybody would have ever thought this would be the case as the confetti rained down in Arizona on that fateful January night.

Party like it’s 1996 tonight.

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