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Super Bowl LVI: The Dallas Cowboys will face both conference championship teams in 2022

The Cowboys will battle the best of the AFC and NFC next season.

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

There is only one game left in the 2021 NFL season and it is the game of all games. Super Bowl LVI has officially been set and the Cincinnati Bengals will square off against the Los Angeles Rams.

Of all possible permutations, this one was the most preferred by Dallas Cowboys fans as a majority of those polled here at BTB chose a Bengals/Rams championship as the one they wanted to see. Sometimes things go the way you want, although for the last 26 years those things haven’t gone our way regarding our own team.

While we now get to enjoy the Super Bowl that we most wanted to see, we also now live in a reality where next season’s Dallas Cowboys schedule looks a little bit more intimidating. Dallas will face off against both Super Bowl LVI participants in 2022 as they will host the Bengals and visit the Rams.

For those unaware, the Bengals game is the 17th one that began as a part of the rotation during the 2021 season. All NFC East teams will face the AFC North teams that finished in the same spot as them this past season and since Dallas and Cincinnati both won their divisions they will square off. Last season every AFC team hosted the extra matchup, this coming season each NFC squad will have an extra home game.

The Cowboys visited both Super Bowl teams from this past season as they traveled to take on both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs. They wound up losing both of those games which was unfortunate, hopefully their fortunes are a bit different with Cincinnati and Los Angeles next season.

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