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2022 Dallas Cowboys opponents officially set: Road trips include Green Bay and Tennessee

Here is who the 2022 Dallas Cowboys will face.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are playoff bound at the moment and the collective hope is that they will be rather busy for the next month and change. Whenever this season ultimately ends, though, the offseason will come, free agency will happen, players will be drafted, and the cycle will continue as it always has.

Ultimately the 2022 Dallas Cowboys season is a long way from now, but with the 2021 regular season officially in the books we now know who they will be facing for all 17 of their games.

Next season will see the Cowboys square off against the NFC North, AFC South, and of course their division rivals. Dallas won the NFC East this year which means they will play the first-place finishing teams from the NFC that aren’t in the NFC North and those teams will wind up being the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Rams.

A year ago the NFL seemed headed for a 17th game which they eventually added over the offseason. The formula for that saw each NFC East team playing the AFC East unit that finished in the same place as them the season prior. In 2022 the NFC East is matching up against the AFC North so since the Cincinnati Bengals won it they will be the additional opponent for the Cowboys next season (all NFC teams will host the extra game in 2022 as all AFC teams did in 2021).

It is hard to look past the fact that the Cowboys will visit the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field next season. Of course Dallas could wind up there in a few weeks in the playoffs if things break that way, and the revenge factor of Mike McCarthy is one that will create quite a number of storylines. If Dallas does not see Green Bay until next season, it is unknown whether or not Aaron Rodgers will still be their quarterback, we all know how much can change in the NFL at a moment’s notice.

Hopefully we don’t have to think about you for a long time, 2022 Dallas Cowboys!

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