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Trolling The Nation for Cowboys at Rams: ‘Micah Parsons is a home wrecker.’

Read what other fans across the NFL had to say as they watched the Cowboys come out of Los Angeles with a win.

NFL: OCT 09 Cowboys at Rams Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Victory Monday! The Dallas Cowboys are now 4-1 after the win over the Los Angeles Rams, and a new optimism has taken hold of the fan base. What was once being discussed as a possible lost season has been resurrected, and how better to celebrate than by reliving the frustration of Rams’ fans watching last year’s Super Bowl champion come up short against America’s Team.

Have they turned on Sean McVay? Is Matthew Stafford in for some criticism? There was no shortage of opinions from the Rams fan base. Plus, a few Eagles fans chimed in, too.

Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Rams Horns up baby! Go Rams.
MarkLZCran | 15:59 EDT
Eagles I want to take Dallas out behind the woodshed and give them a stern talking to about about why I dislike them.
Colonel Campbell | 16:21 EDT
Rams Could the Rams really fix their predictable offense and porous offensive line in a short week?
Ramsuverymuch | 16:26 EDT
(13:27) M.Stafford sacked (D.Armstrong). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-D.Lawrence at LA 19. D.Lawrence for 19 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 6 - LAR 0
Rams Welp...
delusionalramfanslosteve | 16:29 EDT
Rams Stafford was backpedaling when he dropped it. Thought he saw a woman drop off a platform in his mind.
Mrcogburn | 16:30 EDT
Rams I’m going to just keep living off that championship last season so I don’t have to get mad about how bad the Rams are this year.
ToBeOrCT3 | 16:32 EDT
Rams I didn’t think the Rams could fix their offense in 6 days and kept hoping I’d be proven wrong. Nope, no such luck.
Ramsuverymuch | 16:33 EDT
Rams Stafford getting murdered. Looks like it's going to be a long game.
woah | 16:35 EDT
Rams Actually had a semblance of a running game going. So we pass three straight times.
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 16:38 EDT
(9:34) LAR punt is BLOCKED by D.Armstrong, RECOVERED by DAL-D.Armstrong
Rams Dallas wasn't even ready when the ball was snapped and still got home.
woah | 16:38 EDT
Rams Fire the ST coach!!!!
nj_rams_fan | 16:38 EDT
Rams Damn. Have we gone back in time and are playing Staubach and Landry of the 70s???
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 16:39 EDT
Rams This is about coaching - we are not ready to play today. Gonna be a FUGLY day if we don't make some adjustments and quick.
JY85 | 16:41 EDT
Rams McVay is so predictable even if the run game is working he will go back to the pass for no reason.
tntram | 16:41 EDT
Eagles Cowboys got a fumble six then blocked a punt because of course they did.
zracer71 | 16:42 EDT
(8:43) B.Maher 33 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 9 - LAR 0
Rams Worst part is the Cowboys weakness is against the run, but no, let's try to pass with one of the worst O-lines in the league.
daruk | 16:43 EDT
Rams This week is critical emergency time. Gotta get some FA OL guys or trade big time for some capable blockers.
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 16:43 EDT
We have drafted and signed a cornucopia of WRs in the past 3 years to play oline.
punahou | 16:48 EDT
Eagles Rams going with the bold strategy of resting their defense the entire first quarter by giving the Cowboys defensive touchdowns or excellent field position, let's see if it works.
ComestippleSacksoun | 16:43 EDT
Rams McVay needs to give up play-calling duty.
daruk | 16:44 EDT
Rams I love McVay but it seems like he has lost it.
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 16:48 EDT
(5:22) LAR field goal is GOOD
DAL 9 - LAR 3
Rams Did we not learn last week that redzone field goals don't win games???
Danteslion | 16:51 EDT
Rams I think McStubborn must think it's illegal to roll the pocket.
MarkLZCran | 16:51 EDT
Rams Need a turnover here to shut those big mouth fans up.
LaRams&NyMets | 16:52 EDT
Rams Stafford is going to be tortured all day.
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 16:54 EDT
Rams Here comes the McPorous D.... Cowboys going to be in FG range in no time.
daruk | 16:56 EDT
Rams Now Defense has started giving up 5+ yards per play. Sigh.
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 16:56 EDT
Rams Is it me or does Wagner look fat and out of shape?
Jballa2005 | 16:57 EDT
Bobby Wagner was the most amazing thing to happen to this team and will send them to the Super Bowl again according to Rich Eisen.
I'm_A_Bison_Not_A_Buffalo | 16:58 EDT
Rich Eisen...the Jet fan? Yes, he's an expert.
LaRams&NyMets | 17:00 EDT
Exactly. It's amazing.
I'm_A_Bison_Not_A_Buffalo | 17:02 EDT
(2:18) C.Rush sacked. FUMBLES, recovered by DAL-Ty.Smith
Rams Donald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woah | 16:58 EDT
Rams AD to show Parsons he’s not over the hill.
Jballa2005 | 16:58 EDT
(2:00) DAL punts
Rams I'm afraid of fumbles.
LaRams&NyMets | 17:02 EDT

Second Quarter
(12:54) LAR punt
Rams This team is boring to watch. Other than the bomb to Chatarius it looks like a Pop Warner offense.
MarkLZCran | 17:10 EDT
(11:00) DAL punts
Rams Why is Ramsey on ST’s???
Jballa2005 | 17:15 EDT
People bitch about McVay for a lot of stupid crap, but this is the dumbest thing he does.
woah | 17:17 EDT
Rams Almost halftime and we’ve scored 3 points on a RZ FG. Sigh.
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 17:15 EDT
(9:31) M.Stafford pass to C.Kupp for 75 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 9 - LAR 10
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 17:19 EDT
woah | 17:19 EDT
Rams Woohoo! Kupp!
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 17:19 EDT
Rams First TD for us in seems like forever.
Jballa2005 | 17:19 EDT
(7:59) T.Pollard right tackle for 57 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 16 LAR 10
Rams Pathetic defense once again ...
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 17:25 EDT
Rams The poor tackling again.
Jballa2005 | 17:25 EDT
Rams Wow.
3rams3 | 17:26 EDT
Rams Well that was a short-lived lead.
MarkLZCran | 17:27 EDT
Rams Lions must be loving the way this Rams draft pick is looking right now.
Ape Face | 17:28 EDT
(6:27) LAR punt
Rams Honestly, this is pathetic, the Cowboys don't have a good passing attack but they're still moving the ball.
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 17:33 EDT
(5:02) C.Rush sacked
Rams Donald balling out!!!!!!!!!!!!
woah | 17:35 EDT
Rams Rams found their edge guy. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Aaron Donald!
delusionalramfanslosteve | 17:36 EDT
(3:21) DAL punts
Rams Dallas D is pretty nuts … you can tell by the gimmick play calls today. Rams are doing anything they can to throw wrinkles like fake punts and WR passes.
ToadLicker | 17:37 EDT
Rams The second half is where we don’t do anything right, so let’s see if that changes today.
Jballa2005 | 17:38 EDT
(2:29) (Punt formation) R.Dixon pass short middle to J.Gervase to LA 37 for 12 yards
Rams Trick-or-treat trick-or-treat trick-or-treat.
Ramsallday! | 17:42 EDT
Rams Wow... what a desperate call, good thing they converted or else that would have been the game.
daruk | 17:42 EDT
Rams Awesome, but is this what the Rams are reduced to?
delusionalramfanslosteve | 17:42 EDT
Rams Are we that bad we need that crazy call? Man….
Blue&Yellow55 | 17:43 EDT
(0:23) LAR punt
Rams What the heck was that?? You call a timeout to do that?
TheGreatestShowOnTurf | 17:50 EDT
Rams Yes. McVay is genius.
I'm_A_Bison_Not_A_Buffalo | 17:51 EDT
End of Half
Rams McStubborn's Pop Warner offense continues.
MarkLZCran | 17:52 EDT
Rams Put an extra offensive lineman in to block. He doesn't have the time.
LaRams&NyMets | 17:53 EDT
Rams Be thankful the Rams aren’t blown out yet.
Ramsuverymuch | 17:53 EDT
Rams What a waste of a successful fake punt.
Sundowner | 18:02 EDT

Third Quarter
Rams Greg Olsen said it best. Lots of theatrics for nothing much to show.
Ramsuverymuch | 18:07 EDT
(13:10) C.Rush sacked
(11:48) C.Rush pass deep right to M.Gallup ran ob at LA 42 for 26 yards
(8:11) B.Maher 40 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 19 - LAR 10
Rams They scored 9 points off of a blocked punt and a fumble. They aren't world beaters. Stafford just needs some more time.
LaRams&NyMets | 18:17 EDT
They are not world beaters, but our offense sucks this season.
Ramsuverymuch | 18:18 EDT
They trade all the high picks and make a patchwork OL. Now it's catching up with us.
LaRams&NyMets | 18:20 EDT
Rams I had a bad feeling about this game... our Rams were favored, but I couldn't see why.
RamFan415 | 18:18 EDT
Rams Both our RBs are blind.
daruk | 18:19 EDT
It's like they are trying to run into defenders.
woah | 18:20 EDT
Rams Receivers can't get any separation. The Fisher Dink 'N' Dunk is reborn.
rams4lombardi53 | 18:23 EDT
Rams At this slow dink and dunk rate, McVay will lose this game with the time running out.
Ramsuverymuch | 18:25 EDT
Rams How is the NFC East better than the NFC West right now??
oneinsider | 18:27 EDT
(3:29) M.Stafford sacked at LA 42 for -11 yards (M.Parsons)
(2:46) LAR punt
Rams You can't win in this league with an offensive line as bad as ours is. It's that simple. We're going nowhere this year.
KingF15h | 18:28 EDT
Rams Does McVay have a call-in show? I would like to call him.
LaRams&NyMets | 18:30 EDT
Rams You would think we'd call one of those traditional screens to beat the pass rush. McVay seems lost. Things aren't working and he has no plan B.
MarkLZCran | 18:30 EDT
Rams McVay will NEVER learn. That is clear. We can't block, yet he continues to run empty sets with long developing routes and gets Stafford killed. He's Martz 2.0
KingF15h | 18:30 EDT
Rams This has become the Jeff Fisher offense all over again. Less than 10 points in three out of five games.
Ape Face | 18:31 EDT
(0:39) DAL punts
Rams I swear, out of all my favorite teams, this Rams team stresses me to no end; they make everything they do look soo hard and difficult.
AztecaRamsFan99 | 18:35 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Rams They have to at least get 3 here.
woah | 18:36 EDT
Rams We started at the Cowboys 29. Watch us not even get a FG here.
MarkLZCran | 18:37 EDT
Rams This Dallas D is intense. You can tell by these gimmick play calls that the Rams feel are necessary to get an edge.
ToadLicker | 18:38 EDT
Rams Alright M. Gay. Don't miss your first FG of the year please.
gibbiesmalls | 18:40 EDT
(13:34) LAR 51 yard field goal is No Good
Rams Of course.
gibbiesmalls | 18:40 EDT
Rams This game is over.
tntram | 18:40 EDT
Rams I hope I’m wrong but we can’t even move the ball.
tntram | 18:41 EDT
Rams Adiós, muchachos. We'll always have last season.
Carneros4Lyfe | 18:41 EDT
Rams Absurd. First down at the Cowboys 29 and we get 0. Unless we get a defensive score I don't see us winning.
MarkLZCran | 18:41 EDT
Rams That's ballgame. This team's only shot is to reinvent its offense after the Bye. Last year's playbook won't work this year. If McVay can't accept that, we'll be lucky to win 6 games.
Samuel James | 18:41 EDT
Rams Why settle going for 3, when you barely can make a first down.
arch stenton | 18:41 EDT
Rams This is a colossal embarrassment.
Ramsuverymuch | 18:42 EDT
(12:33) DAL punts
Rams The Cowboys just need to run out the clock by not turning over to give Cooper Rush a 4-0 start. The Rams offense can’t do much scoring anyway.
Ramsuverymuch | 18:47 EDT
Rams Seeing the Cowboys beating us is nauseating to say the least. Bad enough I have about 50 text messages from my Cowboy family fanbase talking trash to me.
AztecaRamsFan99 | 18:49 EDT
Rams Unlike Andy Reid’s Oline rebuild, McVay is proven to be clueless with Oline reconstruction.
Ramsuverymuch | 18:50 EDT
Rams I don't think McVay has a plan at this point. They can't run, and they can't complete anything beyond a dink 'n' dunk. McVay is lost.
rams4lombardi53 | 18:51 EDT
Rams The whole reason the Rams made the trade was for Stafford to do more with less. Now he's doing less with less.
W2B1999 | 18:51 EDT
Rams Time to forget the run…it will just kill time…air the rock out and try to pass their way out of this major funk.
Blue&Yellow55 | 18:52 EDT
Rams Stafford once again indecisive. His elbow is fine. His head is wrong this year.
KingF15h | 18:53 EDT
Rams Stafford looking like Goff out there.
woah | 18:53 EDT
(11:20) LAR punt
Eagles Dallas Defense will be a tough test next week, too. Especially if we're hobbled on the line.
phillyphanatic10 | 18:53 EDT
Rams Trade as many players as you can at the break.
jim662 | 18:56 EDT
Rams How can you keep running empty sets? Doesn't McVay care anymore?
LaRams&NyMets | 18:56 EDT
Rams Let this crap end mercifully.
Blue&YellowKillaFella99 | 18:56 EDT
Rams Giants are 4-1 with way lesser talent than us, go figure.
AztecaRamsFan99 | 19:02 EDT
(5:32) B.Maher 36 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 22 - LAR 10
Rams One of two things will happen.
1. Stafford will get his stats because of a soft defense to end the game or
2. Stafford will get killed trying to pass the ball.
W2B1999 | 19:04 EDT
Rams Stafford and Kupp both are taking a beating.... throw in the white flag already.
daruk | 19:06 EDT
Rams We went all in to win a SB and did it. This is the result. We haven't drafted well and haven't had a 1st round pick in years. This was always going to be the result. I was hoping it wouldn't be this soon, but here we are.
KingF15h | 19:08 EDT
Rams Sucks the Rams have to play every game on the road.
woah | 19:08 EDT
Eagles By the way, Dallas is winning their game easily (22-10). So next week’s game will be for first place in the division.
nononono | 19:09 EDT
(4:06) M.Stafford sacked at DAL 25 for -4 yards (O.Odighizuwa)
Rams Havenstein has no way to deal with Parsons.
rams4lombardi53 | 19:10 EDT
Well, no one does. But I get what you're saying.
delusionalramfanslosteve | 19:10 EDT
Rams Stafford won't make an entire year taking these hits.
JerseyRamFan | 19:11 EDT
Rams At SoFi stadium for this game. The Cowboys fans completely took over. The desperation Stafford pick blew the top off this stadium.
Carneros4Lyfe | 19:12 EDT
(3:38) M.Stafford pass INTERCEPTED by M.Hooker
Rams Embarrassing, simply embarrassing.
FrederickRams | 19:12 EDT
Rams Anyone who blames Stafford for this mess is an idiot. He is getting killed back there. I hope we don't get the ball back today because he can't take any more hits. This loss falls on McStubborn who continues to call plays as if he has a great OL. He has gone from offensive genius to totally stubborn idiot.
MarkLZCran | 19:13 EDT
Rams PERFECT ENDING to a miserable day. There's your season in a nutshell.
rams4lombardi53 | 19:13 EDT
Rams I'm just here for TTN.
Vegas Cowboy | 19:13 EDT
same :)
oneinsider | 19:14 EDT
EntropyAD | 20:17 EDT
Bulldog56 | 21:17 EDT
(2:21) DAL punts
(1:31) M.Stafford sacked (M.Parsons). FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-S.Williams
Rams Mofos keep saying it’s the Cowboys house. We done.
FrederickRams | 19:20 EDT
END of Game
Saints Micah Parsons is a home wrecker.
whatwasthat | 19:21 EDT
Saints When the Rams lose it puts a smile on my face.
JRick's Burner Account | 19:19 EDT

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