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Micah Parsons crushes Matthew Stafford and the Rams offense

Parsons makes a home in the Rams backfield and takes the game ball.

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There was Willis Reed, then Keri Strug, and now Micah Parsons. After limping to the locker room to end the first half, it was a frightening sight for Cowboys Nation. In what was described as a groin injury, Parsons didn’t look much better coming out for the start of the third quarter.

However, he showed what true toughness is in a gutsy performance against the Los Angeles Rams. As Parsons says, “The lion is always hungry” and his hunger to feast on the Rams was insatiable.

Parsons was on the prowl on Sunday and his efforts elevated his team to their fourth consecutive win, as they stayed one game behind the first-place Philadelphia Eagles. The second-year linebacker is on a torrid pace after recording two sacks on Sunday for a total of six this season, and is tied for the league lead. Micah Parsons took the Rams offense off schedule in addition to winning this week’s game ball.

The Rams’ offensive line is no match for Parsons

Entering the game, Los Angeles was dealing with injuries along the offensive line and was without their starting center. It showed. They were outplayed and outclassed by Parsons. He was able to line anywhere in the Cowboys’ front to create pressure on Matthew Stafford.

At 6’3” and 245lbs, Parsons is the perfect mix of speed, agility, and power. Offensive tackles are put in a difficult position. They can’t overextend too far laterally for fear that Parsons will use his unreal agility to take an inside angle to the quarterback. Then they can’t afford to allow Parsons to capture the edge in what Parsons’ speed makes look like almost a free run at the quarterback.

The best example is Parsons’ strip-sack of Stafford to close the game. Rams offensive tackle Rob Havenstein was a second late in getting his hands on his Parsons to reroute his path to the quarterback and the result sealed the game.

That said, Parsons’ numbers in the box score are tame for what he could have finished with. Parsons ended the game with two sacks and three quarterback hits. Yet, at several moments in the game, it appeared that Parsons was held by the Rams’ offensive line. In many ways, you can’t blame them. NFL analyst Brian Baldinger has welcomed the NFL to the Micah Parsons Problem. The NFL had better find an answer quickly.

Micah Parsons is out of this world

It’s been said several times before but there’s a specific gravity around Micah Parsons and the attention he commands from opposing offensive coordinators. To call Parsons an X-Factor is putting it lightly, and opponents know they have to account for where number 11 is at all times. This has created opportunities for the players around him.

As mentioned in Blogging the Boys’ 5 Stars, Dorance Armstrong was one of the stars of the show but Parsons is the one who shined the brightest. For example, a key play in the game was Dorance Armstrong’s blocked punt in the first quarter. However, let’s remember that happened directly after Micah Parsons pressured Matthew Stafford into throwing a deep incompletion intended for Tutu Atwell on third down.

One could also make the case that playing alongside Parsons has rejuvenated DeMarcus Lawrence. Also, it may not be a stretch that Parsons is as responsible for a raised level of play by the defense these last two years as defensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

It’s Micah’s world and we’re just living in it.

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