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Cowboys at Eagles: The good, the bad, and the ugly from Week 6

The highs and lows for the Cowboys from Week 6.

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys win streak unfortunately came to an end Sunday night at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles, a bitter division rival. This wasn’t the Cowboys best showing of the year. In fact, with very little good to comment on, this may very well have been their worst performance since the loss to Tampa Bay.

With that in mind, we’re going to identify and discuss the good, bad, and ugly aspects of this game in order to hopefully get a better understanding of exactly what went right and wrong in Week 6 for the Dallas Cowboys. Hopefully, they will use this as a learning experience so they can continue to improve as the season progresses.

THE GOOD: Second-half adjustments

This Week 6 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles was a tale of two halves for the Dallas Cowboys. In the first half, Dallas was pretty much dominated. They couldn’t get anything going offensively, and defensively they had no answers for the Eagles offense. Fortunately, both Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn made the proper adjustments at halftime, which made this game competitive, giving the Cowboys at least a chance to win in the end. If not for these second-half adjustments, this would have been a demoralizing loss.

THE BAD: Cooper Rush

Well, the Cooper Rush magic fizzled out a bit Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles. Whether he was pressing the issue with some of his throws or maybe he was just simply off his game a little, his three-interception night directly impacted the outcome of this game. It’s difficult to near impossible to win a game when you lose the turnover battle like the Dallas Cowboys did, and yet, they came close to pulling it off.

THE UGLY: Self-inflicted wounds/penalties

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys were their own worst enemy in this bitter division matchup with the Eagles. From personal foul to holding penalties, the Cowboys continued to shoot themselves in the foot Sunday night. This was likely as much their undoing as were the turnovers. These ill-timed and boneheaded penalties gave Jalen Hurts and Company extra opportunities to put points on the board and most of the time they capitalized on those opportunities. Unfortunately, this is an issue that continues to plague Dallas.

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