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Monday Night Football live discussion and picks: Broncos at Chargers

Week 6 concludes tonight with Monday Night Football.

Chargers Broncos at SoFi Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Denver Broncos probably expected a lot more this season when they traded for quarterback Russell Wilson. So far, it hasn’t really worked out. The Broncos travel to California to take on the Los Angeles Chargers as 4-point underdogs according to DraftKings Sportsbook.

This is an open thread for game chat.

Some of the BTB staff have picked the game using Tallysight and all see the Chargers as the winner. You can read their explanations below.

Dave Halprin - The Broncos just seem like a mess right now. Russell Wilson’s shoulder is hurt. The Chargers are at home and have Justin Herbert. Chargers are the pick.

David Howman - This really just comes down to how low my opinion of the Broncos is right now. They’ve looked awful to start the year, while the Chargers have looked decent despite injuries. I’ll take the team that’s actually scoring touchdowns, which is the Chargers.

Tony Catalina - I just haven’t seen enough from Russell Wilson to warrant a pick here. As banged up as the Chargers are they still to me are the better football team at this time. Give me LA and I don’t know if it’ll be close.

Matt Holleran - The Broncos have been a mess so far this season. There’s no way I’m picking them on the road against a pretty solid Chargers team. Herbert and the Chargers get the win on Monday Night Football.

Brian Martin - The Chargers may be battling through a rash of injuries throughout the roster, but they are simply playing better football than the Broncos are right now. Because of that, give me LA tonight on MNF.

Tom Ryle - The Broncos are just a hot mess. If Russell Wilson doesn’t get something figured out soon, the trade and contract for him will go down as among the worst ever. I think the Chargers will simply be the more competent team and get a win.

RJ Ochoa - The Denver Broncos might be the worst team in the NFL. How we have wound up with them in primetime four times in six weeks is one of the great mysteries of the world. Give me the Chargers.

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